Farra Morgan

Mystery at Morris Ferry

by D. L .Holliday


Book Details

Farra, turned and came face to face with the mysterious man.

The Morgan family was looking forward to a fun filled week at Morris Ferry, but as Farra and her cousin, Taylor explored the surrounding woods, they overheard loud arguing coming from the clearing ahead. They arrived at the edge of the woods just in time to see a man forced, by two men, into the woods behind an abandoned fishing cabin. Together Taylor, Farra and her brother Tommy, along with new friends Gunner and Bella returned to the cabin to find evidence of a dark mystery. Farra, a future hopeful investigator, wanted to solve the mystery before her brother insisted on turning the clues over to the local law enforcement, but the kidnapping of their younger sister, Sydney and her friend Dax quickly changed the course of events. Farra realized she was the only one who knew the location of the two young children and it was up to her to rescue them before the return of the menacing men. Farra Morgan, Mystery at Morris Ferry, is reminiscent of the Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys mysteries and will entertain the young reader and take them into a suspense filled, wholesome adventure.


About the Author

D. L .Holliday

When D. L. Holliday recently published a book of short stories written for her grandson over 20 years ago, “Adventures of Tommy”, she determined to complete the first book in a long planned series of mysteries. Together with her husband of 43 years, they share three adult children and four grandchildren, all living in close proximity to the family home. D. L. Holliday looks forward to completing the second book in the Farra Morgan series.

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