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THE EYE OF OSIRIS is set in 1987 San Francisco, commencing with a murder beneath the pyramid-shaped edifice known as the Transamerica Building. While the Law Offices of McCormick, Redding and Patton appear to be the average, mundane, “business as usual” firm, something is rumbling within; and it’s not another earthquake. The first tremor hits when partner Jim Patton is the victim of a ritual-style murder leaving baffling clues and nebulous implications. When the bodies started piling up, Lt. Mendoza and all San Franciscans were hoping it was the work of a serial killer because the thought that a supernatural force was committing these executions was much too unsettling. Clearly, madness was no new plateau for this killer whose victims showed no signs of struggle. No human could possibly be that quick nor that cunning, concluded many of the Bay area citizens. Encrypted with bloody, mysterious messages, the trail led to the Rosicrutian Order. This secret society of illuminati are worshipers of Egyptology who believed in tapping into the universe’s incredible supernatural powers. Finally, Lt. Mendoza had to unearth the question that plagued everyone’s mind, “Is this the work of a supernatural power, or a super intelligent madman?”


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Veronica blinked her eyes. "Did you give us something? I feel dizzy." "Come!" Bastet walked down the hall where, at the swivel of the grand statue of Nefertiti stood yet more shadowing figures that seemed to engulf them as they approached. It was a temple. The structure was majestic. Golden statuettes, all of the Egyptian idols, were luminescent and glowed eerily in the dark. As they entered, voices echoed soft chantings. They walked onto another chamber of the temple, where eleven people stood with their arms extended. Ten wore robes. One was wearing the Osiris costume. It was the man that had handed Moriah the necklace earlier at the party. "Brethren, we are here to console the grief of Moriah, as her brother, my god-son has just passed and gone to the other side," Bastet told the others in a solemn voice. "Let us pray. Oomm..." the man in the Osiris costume led the chant. As he chanted, Moriah seemed to awaken slightly and the jewels on the scarab necklace lit up and twinkled. "I swear I'll get even." Moriah grasped the scarab that laid upon her bosom bearing the mysterious emblem of the eye. Tears rolled down her cheeks as they all knelt and chanted. “Look! The scarab necklace is lit up!” One of the chanters whispered to the person next to him. “Osiris is listening.” The robed person closed his eyes with a look of promise in his eyes and smiled.


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Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald

Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald is an author, artist and entrepreneur whose ventures include music, cosmetics and greeting cards. She now resides in Florida.