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The author proffers the first and perhaps the true theory of

everything, which equates physical reality to the entirety of mathematics, both of which necessarily grow and develop as time proceeds.

The theory is carefully motivated by considerations of philosophy, computer science, and simplicity. Instead of equations and calculus the theory is based on an integral grid, like pixels in a motion picture. The exact amount of mass at each discrete point in space-time can be calculated in a straightforward way but no known

computer could manage the task after the first few instants, due to the intricacy of mathematics itself.

Reasonable explanations of many outstanding puzzles in modern physics are presented. Close comparison with the Feynman approach to quantum field theory reveals linearity to be preferable for several philosophical reasons. Einstein's general relativity is found to bebased on competing descriptions of the world. Proving the theory correct may be daunting, of course.


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