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Is there any religion higher than truth?

Esoteric Christianity Made Simple is a thought-provoking, inspiring look at the Christian Bible, presenting ideas and context that are not what typical Christians usually hear or read. Those who are open-minded will find this book to be entirely different from their concept of Christianity, but any reader can understand and appreciate the explanations and insights. Esoteric Christianity Made Simple challenges long-held beliefs about topics from the Creation of Man to the Last Supper, focusing on the deeper, metaphorical meanings of the parables and stories in the Bible. Whether or not you consider yourself to be religious or a Christian, this compelling examination of what the Bible is really saying can awaken any reader to a new spiritual reality.


About the Author

Con Trong Bui

The author’s interest in the worlds beyond this physical world of matter inspired him to study Metaphysics with the Brotherhood of the White Temple. His first book, Through a Glass, Darkly was published in 1988, followed by The Divinely Sinful Saints in 2018. Esoteric Christianity Made Simple is a revised and updated version of The Divinely Sinful Saints. In these books, he shares his knowledge of and insight into the scriptures of the Christian Bible with those who would like to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of their meaning.