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Outskirts Press introduces Enhanced Press Release Distribution, an incredible new marketing service with phone call follow-up that compliments our other press release services.

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Custom Press Release
Standard Press Release
Custom Press Release (including a copy for the author)
Phone call follow-up
Media leads emailed directly to you
Sample cover letter when responding to leads

To order any of our press release services, send your request to our marketing department at

Please include your name, the name of your book, and the service you want:

  • enhanced distribution
  • standard distribution
  • custom press release

What is Enhanced Press Release Distribution?

Direct national and regional press release distribution
National and regional press release distribution to over 20,000 editors, journalist, and book reviewers. These are feature editors and writers for the national trade journals, newspapers, magazines, ezines, radio shows, television programs, regional press wires, syndicated columns, and more.
A press release is included

If you already purchased our custom press release option, your custom press release will be distributed. Otherwise, a standard press release for your book will be composed and distributed for you, even if you don't already have one.

Important: To increase the effectiveness of this campaign, ensure you have at least 3 paragraphs of information about your book on your author webpage, and at least one strong paragraph in your author biography. You will want to make these additions in your author's center on the Manage My Books tab prior to ordering.

Direct in-box delivery
Your press release is sent directly to the email in-box of the personal editors and writers. You will receive a list of the confirmed recipients. Keep in mind the confirmation is not comprehensive, as many don't respond to the confirmation even if they opened your release.
Phone call follow-up
Phone call follow-up to key, genre-specific reviewers, writers, and editors help increase the chances for coverage. These are not cold calls. The editors and writers receiving your press release and our phone calls have agreed to receive applicable press releases and therefore value the information and the follow-up phone call, which we perform for you.
Media leads sent directly to you
Our marketing department will email you the leads as they come in for your appropriate follow-up. Usually they are in the form of a review copy request. You will also receive a draft letter to use or alter as you fee fit, to start you on the right track to following-up professionally with these media leads.

What is Standard Press Release Distribution?

Distributed electronically to a database of approximately 100,000 media contacts, newsrooms, industry analysts, and freelance writers who receive daily email listings of press releases which match their filter criteria. In the publishing category these include newspapers (Wall St. Journal, New York Times, US Today, etc), magazines (Foreword, Publisher’s Weekly, etc.), and applicable websites and ezines.

The press release is also posted to syndicated news feeds on other web sites through our XML/RSS news feed. Adding this news feed increases exposure to your press release.

For maximum distribution, each press release distributed is optimized for search engines indexing. Search engines regularly spider index our press releases.

Standard press releases are composed and distributed electronically and are not supplied to the author.

For a copy of your own press release, choose the custom press release service




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