Echoes in the Canyon

Adventures in the Desert

by Marco Behrens


Book Details

Adventures Among the Southwestern Desert Critters!

Myra Louise, a desert tortoise, and her close friend Minnie Squawking Bird, a cactus wren, live in the Arizona desert with their friends Stinky and Smelly—javelina brothers who have a propensity to seek out adventure…and trouble. The javelinas are schemers and dreamers, and Myra Louise and Minnie Squawking Bird have a full-time job keeping the boys grounded and heading in an appropriate direction. Luckily there is also wise Joe Fox—the law in this part of the desert—and his pals Reynard Fox and Hunter Coyote. Echoes in the Canyon is an entertaining look at the critters of the Southwest desert and their antics, and each chapter ends with lessons learned. Above all, this delightful book offers a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Arizona desert and the amazing animals who dwell there.


About the Author

Marco Behrens

Marco Hackleman Behrens earned her master’s degree in Elementary Education from Arizona State University, and retired from teaching in 1996. She and her husband were active in the soccer community and served the youth of the valley for many years. They owned and operated the Tempe Soccer Locker until 1998, when they sold their business and retired. The couple later moved to Gilbert, Arizona with their cats, dogs, and ornate box turtles. Generations of Marco’s family woke to the sunrises of the Arizona Territory before its statehood in 1912, and Marco learned at an early age that the desert is rich in life, legend, and history.