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Someone wants the Under Secretary of Defense dead.

When an assassination plot is uncovered against the Under Secretary of Defense—scheduled to take place during a meeting in Seoul—CIA Agents Jim and Reanna Wilson have just five days to locate the assassin . . . whoever he is. But before they can leave for Korea, the agents find themselves in the line of fire. After finding the Russian shooter who invaded the Wilsons’ home, Jim is jailed for breaking into the shooter’s hotel room, which delays his departure. Then Reanna is jailed as a Russian spy and her CIA handler has a heart attack, further complicating her release. The series of life-threatening events that follow suggest that someone knows their plans. And they are determined to prevent the agents from completing their mission. Dual Assassins is a first-class thriller, a tale of international intrigue and unexpected plot twists that will keep you guessing until the very end.


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Edward Vogler

Edward Vogler, a Marine Corps veteran, commercial pilot, and flight instructor, has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Japan, and Europe. His experiences have provided material for a plethora of short stories that he has shared in the Tampa, Florida, area. Dual Assassins is his second novel. Look for the sequel of the Dual Assassin series to be released in the near future. Visit Website: email:

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