Dissonance Rising

Dawn of the Cult Breaker

by Joshua Smith


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Josiah Knoll ran from a fringe sect called Divine Light—a world of abuse and the only reality he ever knew. He escaped with nothing but the homespun clothes on his back. Life on the outside is far from the hell they said it would be. But it certainly isn’t heaven either—it’s isolation of a different kind. In search of purpose and connection, he discovers both through a happenchance encounter.

Nora—a captivating young woman with her own peculiar past—needs his help to save her friend, who’s trapped inside The Seekers, a deadly cult. Just one problem—she has no idea where to find them.

Together, he and Nora stumble to infiltrate extremist groups reminiscent of what he risked everything to flee. Breadcrumbs leading to Nora’s friend put them on a dangerous collision course with some of society’s most despicable characters and their own conscience—as they scramble to cover the trail of collateral damage in their wake. A breach of long-held moral values leads to rising dissonance as they pursue their crusade at any cost. And the clock is ticking. With limited options, Josiah must submit himself to the unrelenting control of The Seekers holding Nora’s friend to save her. Disdain for pious duplicity and the merciless pursuits of this group will test Josiah’s mental and physical fortitude beyond anything he could have imagined. Between him and this cult, neither can bend far—one must break . . .


About the Author

Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith is the product of a childhood home where the art of storytelling was the lifeblood of conversation and humor. He was educated at Purdue University and is a published author. He lives with his wife, Tiffany, and their children in Connecticut.