Dig In Your Heels

The Glamorous (and Not So Glamorous) Life of a Young Breast Cancer Survivor

by Karla Antoinette Baptiste


Book Details

The uplifting memoir of one woman’s triumph over breast cancer—from diagnosis to the coveted five-year cancer-free anniversary.

When Karla Antoinette Baptiste was first diagnosed, she began reading breast cancer memoirs but was always left wondering what happened next. What should I expect after treatment? What will my “new normal” be like? Her own story answers those questions and so much more. Written with humor and humility, Karla’s story is woven with themes of love, trust, and spiritual faith—and the importance of becoming a force in breast cancer advocacy. It offers valuable information and resources for breast health, and provides support, inspiration, and hope for those facing breast cancer. From her adventures in Paris to her roller-coaster relationship with her ex-husband, Karla’s memoir is more than radiation and chemotherapy. In Dig in Your Heels, she urges women to educate themselves and draw upon their inner strength—the best is yet to come!


Book Excerpt

“Something about leaving the dark, quiet ultrasound room and walking out of the building into the bustling business area on that beautiful, sunny day was symbolic of what I was about to face. I was going to be in a dark, solitary place but life would not miss a beat. While I was getting the bad news and my world seemed to come to a halt, cars were still driving down the street, leaves blowing in the wind, people walking to and fro just as they were before I had my mammogram. My life was about to change forever and, although everyone would be there for support, no one could get inside my head and experience my emotions or feel my pain. I would be going somewhere that only I could go. It was while walking from the imaging center to my car that I instinctively dug in my heels. I liken it to being outside during a wind storm and bracing yourself for the next gust of wind. You have to bear down and choose a stance that will prevent the storm from getting the best of you. I refused to be moved. Now was not the time to shrink. It was time to stand tall.”


About the Author

Karla Antoinette Baptiste

Karla Antoinette Baptiste was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. She was first diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in September of 2007 at the age of 34. Her breast cancer returned in July of 2014 and had metastasized to her spine, making it stage 4. However, as of February 2015, Karla is cancer-free again! She is an ambassador for the Stanford Cancer Institute Community Partnership Program, which aims to reduce breast cancer disparities among African-American women. She is also an ambassador for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Karla is donating ten percent of the net proceeds from Dig in Your Heels to breast cancer research and outreach. Karla has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Washington and a Master of International Business from Schiller International University-Paris, France. She currently works in sales for a major food and beverage manufacturer and lives near Dallas, Texas, with her dog, Armani.