Different Like Me

by Lisa DeFini Lohmann


Book Details

2021 Readers Favorite Silver Award Winner2021 READERS FAVORITE SILVER AWARD WINNER
This award winning inspiring story is based loosely on the never-ending antics of the author’s dog, Wilson Highstep. Children and parents alike will fall in love with this little dog who winds up literally flying from one unexpected adventure to another. Wilson will grab at your heart while growing up and discovering how the challenges of being different are perhaps the best thing that ever could have happened to him. Along with his new friend Ellie, they tackle life’s everyday problems with laughter and sincerity … and discover that being different can turn out to be the greatest gift of all. This beautifully illustrated book also includes over 20 actual pictures of Wilson Highstep’s real-time fun-filled life. Look for future editions as Wilson and Ellie grow up and learn about themselves as they experience one life lesson at a time.


About the Author

Lisa DeFini Lohmann

Lisa DeFini Lohmann wrote Different Like Me while she was unemployed, with her beloved Wilson constantly by her side. He was her inspiration to describe what life is like for those who don’t fit into society’s norms of “pretty”, “athletic”, or “popular”. A stepmom of four, and grandmother of three, Lisa is no stranger to the social pressures put on children today. With sensitivity and humor she uses Wilsons less-than-perfect physical attributes to help children learn to love who they are.