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Sletten’s thriller follows a fair haired, golden boy from Minnesota to Washington, D.C., and a job with the FBI. The young Special Agent tries to be a loyal and dedicated patriot, but turns from the hunter into the hunted and ends up paying the ultimate price for his duplicity in a repulsive and malevolent FBI bureaucracy.

Fresh from college, the naive twenty-seven year old from Minnesota arrives in the nation’s capital. A Midwest patriot at heart, he can’t believe he’s going to be working for the prestigious FBI.

Recruited into an audacious undercover operation to break up small business operations, he begins undercover work in newly developed white collar crime section, where no rules have been written, let alone tested, for his activities.

FBI scrutiny continues, and an illegal high life spills over from those watched into the daily patterns of the “good guy” agent watching and infiltrating the corruption. The self-serving rigidity of the FBI organization also becomes impossible for the young agent to deal with, and before he knows it, he finds he is in fear of his own life -- from them.


About the Author

John Austin Sletten

JOHN AUSTIN SLETTEN grew up in Montevideo, a small town in southwestern Minnesota. He graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota in 1966.

He was a sports writer for the Princeton Packet and has published articles in numerous magazines.

His first published work,Confessions of a Little League Father, was a feature story in the Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine and the author was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show for this article.

His first book, The Johnny Callison Story, is a biography of the great Philadelphia Phillies baseball player, whose career traversed three decades. Callison was a Phillies player during the entire decade of the obstreperous sixties.

Sletten has also written Along the James, a historical Civil War novel, and The Keeper and Uncommon Knowledge.

Sletten resides in the Philadelphia area with his wife, Kathy. He now enjoys the time he spends time writing, as well as baseball, mathematics and music.

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