Extinction Notice

Tales of a Warming Earth

by Edited by David Harten Watson


Book Details

A Cli-Fi Anthology of Global Warming Fiction

Climate change! Insane leaders! Pandemics! Melting icecaps! Eco-terrorists! Monsters! Aliens! Robots! What could possibly go wrong for the humans of the future?

Extinction Notice: Tales of a Warming Earth is a climate fiction (cli-fi) anthology of 41 stories by a diverse group of talented authors from nine nations on four continents around the world. The stories will thrill, chill, shock, scare, infuriate, enlighten, and worry you—some will make you laugh or inspire you to take action, but all of them are entertaining and thought-provoking. Not all of the cli-fi works in this anthology are science fiction; others range from horror to romance—in story, song, and poetic formats. Ultimately, Extinction Notice will open the eyes of readers of all ages to the catastrophic dangers of runaway global warming or anthropogenic climate change.


About the Author

Edited by David Harten Watson

David Harten Watson, award-winning YA fantasy novelist and editor of this cli-fi anthology, is also the author of the Magicians Gold series, including the award-winning Magic Teacher’s Son and its sequel Fortress of Gold. David has worked in a dizzying array of jobs, including U.S. Army Armor officer at Fort Knox, experience that came in handy for his second novel, Fortress of Gold. Raised in snowy Buffalo but currently living in New Jersey, Watson has degrees from Princeton, Canisius College, and Buffalo State College. He’s the organizer of the Woodbridge Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Meetup, which he founded in 2008. Follow him at www.davidhartenwatson.com. Profits from the anthology will be donated to environmental charities.