Dad's Words of Wisdom

by Tim Read


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This manuscript contains ‘everything your mother ever told you’. It is only when we get older we realize that school put us on the long path of learning. The fact is that we never stop learning. We learn something new each day. Now that I retired I frequently say to myself - If only I were a little bit younger and knew what I know now! Advise is cheap and we all receive a generous amount, most of it unsolicited! Like a lot of other folk I tend to think that I knew it all anyway. It seems we have to suffer defeat before we realize that we have a lot to learn. How I remember those immortal words of my mother - “TOLD YOU SO” Any fool can be a father. It takes someone special to be a Dad (P. Whitmore snr)


Book Excerpt

Memory Lane is a one way street. You cannot change the past but you will always learn from your mistakes. This is how we do most of our learning - the hard way!


About the Author

Tim Read

Born and raised on a farm in the UK. Educated at Truro School, Cornwall. Emigrated to Canada in the early 1970’s. Took a job working on a large grain farm in the prairies. Now retired and living in Calgary. When I got off the bus in the small prairie town of Kindersley, I had $126.00 in my pocket and a job offer on a farm.When you have your foot at the bottom of the ladder, it is up to you as to how high you climb. Those who dare to venture gain the greatest reward.