Finding My Voice

A Journey of Hope

by Crystal H. Vo


Book Details

“Finding My Voice—A Journey of Hope” tells the metaphorical and physical journey of Crystal H. Vo, a refugee from Vietnam who traveled through Indonesia before making her way to the United States of America at the age of fifteen. Crystal battled through an abusive childhood, ultimately coming to terms with the source of the depression that plagued her. She describes her subsequent fight with mental illness and details the coping mechanisms that she uses to help her today. Once in the U.S., Crystal found that her struggles had only just begun. She now needed to navigate a confusing educational system. After struggling, she obtained her GED and eventually went on to receive her associate’s and then a bachelor’s degree. She also became the mother to two children, raising them as a single parent. In addition to a powerful memoir, “Finding My Voice—A Journey of Hope” includes poignant and heart-wrenching poems dedicated to loved ones and groups of people. Crystal’s story of overcoming loss and eventual triumph in the face of incredible odds make “Finding My Voice—A Journey of Hope” a truly remarkable and unforgettable story.


About the Author

Crystal H. Vo

After suffering an abusive childhood in Vietnam, Crystal H. Vo endured a brutal journey on a refugee boat to Indonesia. She spent a year in refugee camps and then immigrated to the United States at the age of sixteen. She struggled through the education system, finally obtaining her GED. As a single mom to two children, she raised them while working full-time. Through sheer determination, she went on to obtain an associate’s and then a bachelor’s degree. Her past experiences have given her a compassion for the clients that she meets daily in her job with Los Angeles County. She married the love of her life in 2017.

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