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Trina is a young girl raised by her mother Jackie, who is cursed with being deaf and mute. This curse has Jackie so mad at the world, that she pours out unimaginable hate into her daughter. Trina grows into that hate, until she finally has had enough and stands up to her mother. She runs away and finds herself subjected to a world filled with murder, gangs, and extreme violent behavior. Trina knows nothing about this type of lifestyle and is forced to learn by trial and error…. until she meets Mistro. Mistro, a young gangbanger blessed with royalty in his mob, sees something in Trina that makes him infatuated with her persona. After she witnesses him murder a mark, she asks a question that catches him completely off guard…..How does it feel to kill someone? After fleeing the scene, he cannot get her off his mind. He locates her and tries to find flaws within Trina because of his own battles, but learns her loyalty is REAL. Mistro starts a new hustle but now Trina starts to question his love. Then Trina meets Tee Tee, a woman of the night, who introduces Trina to her own hustle and all hell breaks loose. Will Mistro understand or will Trina find her own way into a world of selling dreams and orchestrating her own survival? Find out as you dive deep into Cry Baby Cry…...Or Not.


Book Excerpt

Trina got up for school shortly after Marco left. She walked into the kitchen, after she got dressed, made her a bowl of cereal and thought about her old teacher Karen. Karen had taught Trina a lot. They were close but Trina really hadn’t opened herself up to Karen because she was a closely guarded child. Karen was involved in Trina’s education for almost seven years. She had taught Trina a lot of what she had learned over the years. Her speech was very good, and it was like her appetite for learning was endless. Last year the police came to the school and arrested Karen. Trina had overheard the teachers talking about how Karen hired an undercover police officer to kill her husband. Needless to say, Trina hadn’t seen Karen since. Trina was assigned to the new teacher that took over Karen’s classes. After several altercations with the teacher, the school felt that they had done all that they could do for Trina and transferred her to the public-school district. Trina sat at the table still thinking about what Karen had done and a devilish grin come across her face. She grabbed a six-inch steak knife from the dish rack and walked towards Jackie’s bedroom. She stood in the doorway while she watched Jackie sleep and visualized herself stabbing Jackie repeatedly. She walked toward the bed and raised the knife with the handle gripped tightly in her clinched fist. This very moment played out in her mind several times over the years. She had even tried to poison Jackie before, but Jackie passed on the meal. As Trina approached, Jackie rolled over and it made Trina pause for a second. Jackie settled back in the warm covers and Trina rushed her. She raised the knife in mid-stride to begin her assault on Jackie, but the bell light popped on. The bell light was the light that was installed by maintenance to let Jackie know someone was at the door. There was one in her bedroom, the bathroom, and the living room. Trina thought it was Marco coming back and turned for the door. When she got to the door and opened it, she found Mimi standing there with a silly smile on her face. “What’s up Trina”? Are you ready? Mimi asked as she blew past her into the apartment. “Yeah I’m ready, let me get my book bag.” Trina answered as she slammed the door and walked pass Mimi. “What’s the knife for,” asked Mimi? “Nothing; just put it in the sink for me.” Trina said in a cold, disappointed voice and walked to her bedroom. Trina bent down to retrieve her book bag. She threw the bag over her shoulder, glanced out of her window and entertained herself with a brief thought of Marco. As she turned to leave the room, Jackie hit her with a gut shot that knocked the wind out of her. Trina fell to the ground and landed in a fetal position, grasping for air. Jackie looked down upon her, as slobber spieled from out of the corner of her mouth. Trina met Jackie’s eyes with a hate that would forever out last the moments in time. “What did I tell you about having that little bitch in my house,” she said with sign language? Trina gathered her air and rose to her feet. “We’re leaving now,” Trina spoke these words not bothering to deal with any sign language. Trina wanted so badly to beat the hell out of Jackie but she couldn’t bring her courage up to par. She passed Jackie so closely that she could feel Jackie’s breathe on her neck and it made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. As Trina walked through the living room, Mimi noticed the emptiness in her eyes. She turned to see the evil stare of Jackie watching Trina walk out of the door. At a loss for words, Mimi ran to catch up with her friend. “Are you okay Trina?” Mimi asked after she finally caught up to Trina. She turned around to look at Mimi with a stare so cold that it made Mimi lower her eyes to the ground. “I’m good,” she lied wishing Mimi would have been at least a minute later. “Your momma looks mean.” “Why do you say that,” Trina replied trying to down play her anger? “She just seems mad all the time.” “Yeah Mimi, she is mad all the time,” Trina agreed in a sarcastic tone.


About the Author

DeWandus Johnson

DeWandus Johnson Sr. was born and raised on the West Side of Chicago, in the North Lawndale Community. Involved in the street life at an early age, his first visit to prison was at the formative age of seventeen-years-old. In his adult years, Dewandus decided to leave Chicago. It was time for fresh start and a slower pace, so he relocated to Omaha, Nebraska. Unable to shake his "get it by any means necessary” attitude, he found himself in prison again. While in federal prison, he was introduced to legends of the Chicago lifestyle, and gained knowledge on other ways to live successfully. One particular friendship awakened a new understanding of life for DeWandus, and a new goal was born. His goal is to give unfiltered mental visuals and testimonies about the untold truths of the ghettos of America. As of today, DeWandus has written several books and has plans of writing more in the future. DeWandus' writing style can be described as live, vivid, and raw. Please enjoy the first novel published under Royal Roar Publishing LLC and keep your eyes open for the next release, " All Cried Out!"



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