Critter Golf II: Chaos at Owl's Nest

by Randy Cochran


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Scoot, scamper and skedaddle your way into snap happy chaos.

Critter Golf II: Chaos At Owl’s Nest...Thomas, the Great Horned Owl, knew this year would be even more exciting. It simply had to be! Our four furry friends are smarter, more determined and constantly asking bigger questions. Finding answers to those wonderful questions is where most of the incredible chaos begins. As these critter kids have grown, so has their curiosity. Venture further out into Owl’s Nest Golf Trail and feel their jaw dropping awe when they face their first water hole. You will laugh out loud one second...but beware!! Something may be lurking in the darkest shadows...When you can answer these puzzling questions you will learn to love the chaos, too! What is puddle jumping? Can these whiskered golf pals help the USGA and PGA speed up play? Is there any escape from wild hungry bobcats? What can trapped critters do when cornered by more than 25 advancing dogs? And, what IS that SMELL? Join the giggles but be prepared to grit your teeth and squirm a bit while you hope for their narrow escape. This tale may have started with a shared love of junior golf, but it has become something much bigger. It is a story of true friendship, which in itself is the biggest gift of all.


About the Author

Randy Cochran

Randy Cochran, also the author of Critter Golf: The Adventures At Owl’s Nest, grew up as a caddy and attended Marquette University after receiving a Chick Evans Scholarship. He finished Marquette majoring in communications. After college he joined the PGA of America to become a golf professional. Randy married his wife, Barb, in 1984 and they have three daughters, Mandy, Tracy and Katie. Randy worked as the Golf Professional at Briarwood Country Club near Chicago for 26 years, teaching countless junior golfers. Having winters off, he coached youth and high school soccer where he helped even a greater number of kids. Throughout his golf pro and coaching life, he wrote hundreds of silly poems and told many made up stories for all occasions. As his own children became adults they and Barb urged him to write some of those stories down. Now he is writing adventures for all to share.

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