During these difficult times Outskirts Press wants to help you turn self-isolation and social-distancing into sharing your words with the world. While people may not be meeting up at their regular spots, enjoying sporting events, or even “hanging out” together right now, everyone has a story to share - from great works of imagination to true-life tales while overcoming the odds. Now more than ever is the time to share your story. Writing is primarily a isolating, meditative, and cathartic exercise at any time, so completing and publishing your latest book or doing virtual promotion for your already published book’s marketing campaign is a great way to pass the time and safely engage with other people from your home. Join our family of amazing authors and spectacular storytellers. Writing is a wonderful escape from the boredom and containment we are all experiencing and the results of your labors will bring you, and others, entertainment and information for years to come.

Outskirts Press has been a leader in the cloud-based, remote work environment for over 18 years. Our dedicated team of Publishing Consultants, Author Representatives, Cover Designers, Editors, Book Designers, Illustrators, and Book Marketing Specialists have always had the flexibility of telecommuting and are here to help you bring your publishing dreams to reality! Your publishing and book marketing experience will continue to be mostly the same during “social-distancing, self-isolation, and quarantines”, as it would have been before we ever heard of COVID-19. The only exception you may experience is a slightly longer-than-usual-time-frame when ordering author's copies, physical copies of our Publishing Guide, or when we are handling physical pieces of mail you mail to us (checks, manuscripts, etc.). Thank you for your understanding.

We recognize that this situation is affecting us all, and may continue to affect us for months, but we are grateful for those of you who want to focus on sharing something wonderful with the rest of the world during these trying times. The world is changing at an astounding rate! COVID-19 is, like many things we have already “survived”, an impetus for change and, we hope, to those with the creative capacity to write, an inspiration to share themselves with the world through the written word. We appreciate our amazing authors and we look forward to you becoming one of them. Stay safe and healthy, and as always – we are here to help you share your story with the world when you’re ready.

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