Covenant Medicine

Being Present When Present

by David H. Beyda, MD


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Does Your Physician Really Know You? “You really don’t know who Jeffrey is, do you? You just know what he is: a bunch of broken pieces that you are trying to put back together.”

The relationship between physician and patient is among the most personal and vulnerable experiences that people have in their lifetime. The physician holds knowledge, healing, and can even make the difference between life and death. But what happens when a physician loses sight of the person, and sees a patient only as a broken mechanism or collection of symptoms? In this insightful, inspiring book, Dr. David H. Beyda explores a paradigm between physicians and patients grounded in mutual trust, honesty, and integrity. He discusses the physician/patient relationship as a covenant, allowing the physician to consciously agree to be present, to be intentional, to listen, to be committed, and to act for the patient’s good. A covenant relationship can contain transformational aspects such as faith and spirituality, allowing the physician and the patient to transcend the confining definitions of illness, and come to a greater understanding of the nuances of care-giving. Learn how to establish your own covenant relationships by looking at “who” your patients are, and incorporating the “what” into that deeper foundation.


About the Author

David H. Beyda, MD

Dr. David H. Beyda is Division Chief of Critical Care Medicine at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and serves as Chairman of the Bioethics Committee. He is Chair and Professor of the Department of Bioethics and Medical Humanism at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix and Professor of Pediatrics. He has received the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s Annual Scientific Award, the J. Kipp Charlton Humanitarian Award for Community Service, and a Rocky Mountain Emmy Award. He received Humanitarian Awards from the Arizona Business Journal and the Arizona Business Magazine, as well as the Humanitarian Award from the Arizona American Academy of Pediatrics and the Humanitarian Award from the Arizona Medical Association. He and his wife have been married for 35 years and have two sons, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.

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