The chart explained:

  • The Ultimate package is the best long-term value, with a higher profit AND a lower retail price, plus a per-copy price that is 45% lower than Lulu's.
  • In fact, the Ultimate package demonstrates the profit vs. retail price the clearest. If the Ultimate retail price was $16 to match Lulu's, the author's profit would be: $6.72 (over 300% higher than Lulu's).

Is Lulu really free?

No. You need to purchase one of Lulu's distribution options for your book to be available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, otherwise why bother publishing at all?

Real books also need the ISBN printed on the cover of the book and on the copyright page of the interior. The only way to do this is to revise your book with Lulu after uploading the files initially. So you must pay their revision fee, plus whatever you have to pay to your designer to make those changes to your files again.

Then you must order a copy ($11, in this example). You do not receive any free author's copies.

Of course, using Lulu assumes you have high-quality, print ready files of your book to begin with, to upload directly to their machine.

If you do not have the necessary files, you will need to hire a third party vendor to format your interior and cover files for you. Costs and quality vary considerably.

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  1. Books for true distribution require the ISBN on the book.

    Lulu's process requires that you upload files for printing before they assign the ISBN to you. If you order one of their distribution services, you must pay to have your book revised so the ISBN can be included.
  2. The ISBN Agency requires that all non-children's book be at least 48 pages in order to receive an ISBN.

    Lulu assigns ISBNs to book regardless of length. The majority of books published on Lulu do not meet the definition of a "book" in the publishing industry, nor do they qualify rightfully for ISBN numbers.
  3. Copies you order from Lulu are different than copies ordered from Amazon.

    Lulu uses a different vendor to produce books purchased by the author. Most Lulu authors are blissfully unaware that their books look different (sometimes considerably so) when ordered from Amazon or other online retail sites.
  4. Lulu's distribution rights contract gives them the right to cancel your title at anytime.

    The exact wording is: "Either party may revoke this license with 30 days notice" but makes no mention of the what happens to the fees you have paid them.


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As the exclusive publisher for Writer's Digest's Annual Writing Competition Collection (4 years running), we know precisely what authors need.

We will help you publish your manuscript into a high-quality...

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  • e-book

Your book can be available for sale throughout the world, including through...

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  • Worried about the interior formatting and cover?
  • Worried about the EAN barcode and proper spine width?
  • Worried about automatic distribution and fulfillment?

Relax! We can handle it all!


That was the word-of-the-day for me the day my author’s copies arrived. I said the word 'unbelievable' so many times that day, I lost count.

The look of my book met every single one of my expectations and then some. I never realized that the vision for the book I had in my head since day one could be so fully and so easily realized.

A mere three months after initially contacting Outskirts, I’m a published author!

Unbelievable! With the help of my author rep, Michelle, and, of course, Chris (Director of Author Support), my book is an actual, three-dimensional object that others can buy. For anyone who wants to keep their manuscript exactly as they intended and have complete control over every aspect of the publishing process, Outskirts Press is your best option, too.”

Philip Colander
Those Made to Suffer



  1. How will people be able to buy my book once it is published?

    Your book will be for sale online through many different book retailers such as:
    • Amazon
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Borders

    Additionally, you receive your own free webpage (don't worry, we design it for you, but you may modify it whenever you want without any programming).

    Your book will be distributed through wholesalers and publication databases like:
    • Ingram
    • Baker & Taylor
    • Bowker's Books-in-Print

  2. How does Outskirts Press quality compare with i Universe?

    The print quality will be exactly the same since Outskirts Press and iUniverse use the same exact printers.
  3. How do you help me market and promote my book after publication?

    No other publisher offers what we offer. The exclusive Outskirts Press Marketing COACH offers Creative Online Assistance, Coaching, and Help by sharing marketing tactics, promotional opportunities, and general recommendations for years after your book is published.

    Your free author tool kit inside your Author's Center allows you to manage your free Author Webpage whenever you want. And you can produce (and modify) professional sales sheets whenever you need them.

    We offer all the marketing materials you will need, including bookmarks, business cards, postcards and two different sizes of posters. Whatever you order is designed and shipped straight to your house. Not just templates that you have to print elsewhere. These are the real marketing materials featuring your book that you can immediately start using.

    Plus, every book we publish receives its own Internet webpage, which you can customize with your book synopsis, a sample chapter, and you author biography. You can even change the content of your webpage whenever you want, and your changes are made instantly.
  4. How do I get paid?

    Every quarter Outskirts Press mails royalty checks via first-class mail ranging from hundreds to tens-of-thousands of dollars.

    The royalty amount you earn is up to you. (Isn't that a refreshing idea?) Step 7 of your pre-production process allows you to set your own retail price, discount, and royalty in advance so you know all your pricing beforehand.
  5. How do I know I can trust you?

    Outskirts Press is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

    We are active members of many large and reputable writing & publishing organizations throughout the country, including:
    • The Publisher's Marketing Association
    • The Colorado Independent Publisher's Association
    • The Florida Writer's Association
    • The Small Publisher's Association of North America

    Writer's Digest magazine trusts us to publish their annual Writing Contest Collection for one of the most renown national writing contests in the United States (now in its 76th year).

    And, of course, you can read (and listen to) many of our satisfied authors in their own words right here (just be sure to come back to this page for your free e-book offer below).


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Words cannot express the joy I am experiencing now. The professionalism and the courtesy that was displayed by my author representative Lora is immeasurable. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone I know who wishes to publish their book.

My friends and family are piling up to get their copy. Many have complimented me on the cover design. The layout is awesome! I am sure I will be using Outskirts Press again in the near future. "

Tonya Barber
A Journey Through The Window Of My Soul


All the details, including our contract and package prices, are in our online guide here, but below is a quick run-down of what you can expect when working with Outskirts Press.

Once you begin the publishing process with Outskirts Press with a $35 deposit (which is applied toward the cost of your package) you are assigned a team of publishing professionals to help you personally.

Your main point of contact is your Author Representative, who helps you through the pre-production process and keeps in touch with you from beginning to end.

Your book also receives a Title Production Supervisor, who oversees the production of your book and makes sure it is high quality.

Your Author Rep and Title Production Supervisor are assigned to your book within 24 hours of beginning the publishing process.

Plus, our Director of Author Support is available to make sure everything is going quickly and smoothly. If you ever have any concerns, he is your ace-in-the-hole to help you resolve them.

After your book is published, the amazing Marketing COACH provides marketing tips, promotion recommendations, and publicity tactics designed to help you be successful!

"I wish to express my great appreciation for your role in getting my most recent book published. I am very thankful that you and the Outskirts people have been excellent to work with. Everyone with whom I have dealt at Outskirts has been professional and cooperative.

I am looking forward to working with Outskirts in the future."

Montecue J. Lowry
Great Captains of the Faith





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