A Collection of Tiny Stories

Diminutive Tales from the Tip of My Imagination by

by CK Sobey


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A few muses hang around me most days. Sometimes it feels like a rabbit that hops along, inviting me to follow. Down that proverbial rabbit hole. It is a process that I trust, at least to begin. If I am in the flow, the zone, it leads to the next step. The creative spirit is unique in what she offers us. It begins with receiving. It never ceases to amaze me. This spirit is always waiting to be realized. There are no boundaries. Creativity can be spontaneous.

A Collection of Tiny Stories: Diminutive Tales from the Tip of My Imagination presents prose and art that represent an inspirational celebration of the spirit, gathering “tiny” works “born out of moments of whimsy, mystery, and longing.” Add “and magic” to that list, because CK Sobey’s works employ a magical element that gather tales both fantastic and reflective into three sections: “Inspiring Odysseys,” “From the Heart,” and “Fanciful.” These short works don’t require linear reading. Readers can skip through the sections and will find them succinct, stand-alone pieces that delight no matter their arrangement or the wellsprings of their wonder. Take “The Bookstore” for one example. Here, Sobey reflects that “I always love going to the bookstore. I go when I’m drained, or my inner animal needs its fur stroked.” The piece goes on to explore the magic of a particular used book that calls his name with intrigue to provide passages that fuel his days: “I knew we would eventually meet.” It was hand-written in a beautiful, fluid script. Intrigue and enchantment came over me. I touched those written words with my fingers, stroking the words.” – D. Donovan, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


About the Author

CK Sobey

CK (Kas) Sobey continues to live a life of curiosity. She considers herself to be a seeker. An explorer. Her many ventures in life attest to this. In her earlier years she was in the entertainment field. She has been a trained mediator. She was in the corporate world for almost 30 years. She trained as a Spiritual practitioner, and later became a certified hypnotherapist bringing a deeper understanding of the inner mind to others. She has facilitated many groups in a variety of subjects and collage art for years. Kas has since “retired” from her businesses to spend more time re-imagining her life. Writing has become an important creative channel. She enjoys cooking, walking, dancing, photography, and exploring the planet and new ideas. Bubble baths and a mixture of music is her way of unwinding at the end of a day. For the past 20 years, Kas has lived in the Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania. She is seeking that which is calling her to new paths. She is presently working on a new book of “Musings 2” with bits and pieces of other stories.