Man-Corn in the Promised Land

Tales of Cannibalism & Other Extreme Folklore

by Chairman Wow


Book Details

Chilling Tales for Post-Modern Times…

Man-Corn in the Promised Land is a marvelously inventive book of stories designed to shock, thrill, and reveal the truths in the depths of the things we fear. Narrative poems and short stories, some based on folklore, others pulled from the wild world of imagination, provide unexpected ideas, twists and turns, and plenty of hair-raising surprises! Within these pages you’ll meet cannibals and politicians, General Patton and General Butt Naked, Gustave the Crocodile, ghosts and poets…and more. People learn amazing things about themselves when they’re confronted with extreme situations—and this book of modern myths brings the characters and the reader face to face with what lies in the depths of human nature. Read at your own risk!


About the Author

Chairman Wow

Chairman Wow was born in a log cabin in western Illinois. Later he graduated with a bachelor of science degree from Eastern Illinois University. He is a wise single father who lives in the Sonoran Desert with his daughter and his reveries.