Cassandra Parris, Lodestar

Book Three Of The Trilogy

by J.W. James III


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Cassandra Parris, Lodestar

In the final leg of Cassandra’s journey she becomes the LODESTAR for two civilizations and the beginning of another. She must traverse the Universe in search of “The Way” a philosophy that teaches love and unity: A philosophy that teaches respect for all life-forms in the Universe. The Lodestar ship is piloted by the cyberoid, R-Tech, along with her guardian/friend Andar and a dolphin named Endar as passengers in a retrofitted space vehicle. Come on board and enjoy the ride.


About the Author

J.W. James III

J. W. James III was born in Youngstown, Ohio of Welsh and German heritage. After graduating from high school and a few years of college he joined the Marine Corps. Four years later with an honorable discharge, he re-located to South Florida where he began writing. He has 4 published novel’s: “Don’t Tell... Grandma” 2nd edition which was followed by “A.L.P.H.A.B.E.T”, then “North Beach Road”. In July of 2013 the sequel, “Don’t Tell...Anyone” went live. He loves the ocean and astronomy, and listening to music from Rock and Roll to the classics, with Frederick Francois Chopin a favorite. He believes that, “The truth may hurt, but not as much as a lie.” And music is the ‘soul food’ of humankind. Thank You.

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