Can I Just Be Me?

by Rolanda McCowan


Book Details

Being You May Not Be Like Everyone Else, But Being You Is Really Okay. If Everyone Was The Same, We Would Have a Pretty Dull World!!

Yolanda Phillips is a sixth grader who is trying to make sense of life’s changes, the divorce of her parents, changes in her body, and decisions on being and doing what she likes to do. She is a young girl about to make her way into puberty and the world. Follow her and her friends as they navigate through sixth grade, trying to make sense out of the situations they get into, while trying to understand consequences of each. In Can I Just be Me, McCowan allows you to interact with the characters, while looking and analyzing our own lives. There will be at least one character that you think you know or want to be. Take the journey with Yolanda and her friends as sixth grade begins!!


About the Author

Rolanda McCowan

Rolanda McCowan is an educator. She currently resides in Oakland, California. This is her first book. She would love to hear from her readers via facebook "Can I Just Be Me".