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Like the mythical Icarus, the wings of these stories seek to fly ever closer to sun of the reader’s eye. The feathers of their wings, freed from their waxen moorings, float back to the sea of their earthly orbit, some only charred remains from the reader’s eye, and some intact, leaving a ripple.


About the Author

Bob Hodges

Bob Hodges is a retired judge and a previously published author. His previous work includes poetry in “Poem,” published by the Huntsville Literary Association, short story collections in “Ravelings” and “A Winnowing,” and a biography of his high school coach, “Dusty”. He has also published in the Birmingham Arts Journal and Hometown Press in Huntsville, Alabama, and has received honorable mention in consecutive years by the Saturday Evening Post for two of his short stories. He lives near Huntsville with his wife, Sharon, and three cats.

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