Blue Skies in the East

by J A M Nolla


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1864 - 1865 The War Between The States Is Winding Down But There Is A Hot One Going On In Mexico That Seems Like A Roller Coaster With One Side Wining One Week And The Other The Next Week. The Glitter Of The Imperialists Is A Sharp Contrast To The Drabness Of The Republicans.

1864- 1865 The War Between the States has turned against the Confederate States and the only way to bring the United States to the peace table is thru the conduct of irregular warfare but the old generals like Robert E Lee are against it. President Davis wants it and President Lincoln fears it. Now is the time for decision making.


About the Author

J A M Nolla

JAM Nolla was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, grew up in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, studied High School and one year at Villanova University before finishing his BA at PR A&M in Mayaguez and Masters at University of PR in Rio Piedras. A Veteran and retired Colonel of the US Army and PR National Guard he has held various positions in the US and PR Governments. His writing is derived from his parents; Dr Jose A B Nolla and Olga Ramirez de Arellano who wrote poetry and novels. His sister Olga Nolla was a famous writer in the Spanish language. He now lives and writes in Caparra, Puerto Rico. He has published 11 books in English and 6 books in Spanish.

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