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Parents! Are you worried about the safety of your teenager?

Parents? Are you worried about the safety of your teenager? --then read Be Safe, Girl with her. She will learn to be safe from the bad ones—the criminals and predators who prey on young girls. Do not let her go unaware and unprepared in this land where crimes against teenagers have become so common. And there’s a bonus! You and all your family will be safer, too. The testimonials that follow were received for the First Edition of Be Safe, Girl. (There are many more!) The Second Edition is unchanged except for minor updating. “From a woman’s point of view, it would be good to have a copy of this book in every home.” – Lucille Klass, National Lutheran PTL “. . . Mr. Clarke speaks to his reader as an adult. Too many teenagers are turned off by adults ‘speaking down’ to them.” – Bill Potter, Jaycees International “The information is readable, objective, and reflects logic and common sense.” – John M. Fisher, National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations “(Be Safe, Girl) . . . outlines in highly readable form rules for playing it safe no matter where you are.” – International Altrusan.


About the Author

Ralph Clarke

Ralph E. Clarke is a long-time professional writer and the author of five books, numerous movie and sound-slide scripts, magazine articles, novels, short stories, and plays. He is also registered with the U.S. Patent and Trade Mark Office to practice patent law and write patent applications. His special love is writing works on personal safety, such as Be Safe, Girl.