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Alexandra Nicole Sheldon, lovingly called Lexi, had everything going for her and felt she was on the right path to achieve her life dreams. That all changed when she met Jonathon Landry, who swooped into her life and shot down all her defenses. Her life takes a drastic turn down a dark path when she lets herself become vulnerable to a dangerous encounter. Through all the ups and downs of a troubling marriage, she holds it together for her children. Until she can’t. When she no longer has any options, she considers ending her marriage, even at the risks of losing her children. Her journey leads her to a life she had no idea was out there for her.


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After he had enjoyed a large portion of just about everything at the buffet table, Matthew spotted Lexi sitting on the sofa with Sally from the copy department. Sally’s husband, Tim, sat next to his wife. They were deep in animated conversation, probably discussing each other’s kids. He headed up the stairs to use the men’s room, stopping only to say hello to J.P. who was coming down the stairs. “Very nice party Mr. Chastain”, Matt offered politely. “Please, Matthew, call me J.P.” he put a hand on Matt’s shoulder. “And thank you. I’m glad you are enjoying yourself. I like my employees to know that they are appreciated. It makes business much more fun.” He gave Matt’s arm a little pat then turned and continued on his way. Matt was smiling to himself as he walked off…they were all so fortunate to have such a great boss. He was returning from using the bathroom when he caught a glimpse of Lexi who was just moving away from the sofa and towards the French doors that lead to the outside patio. He stood at the top of the landing and leaned on the railing to get a better view. It was then that he noticed Andy who was also watching Lexi head towards the patio. Since Matt had been keeping one eye on him, he had noticed that Andy had not left the bar since he arrived and had indulged in twice as much alcohol as anyone else at the party, if not more. He watched intently as Andy got up and made his way through the guests and out the door that Lexi had just gone through.


About the Author

Tennie Rae Duquette

Tennie Rae Duquette is a native of Southern California and still resides there with her husband and their black lab. She raised four beautiful children that bring her immense joy and pride. She loves reading, snow skiing, hiking and vacationing with her family. This is her first novel.