Aunt Susy's Boarding House

The Story of A Girl Growing Up In Maine

by Joy Swan


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Unexpected happenings in my childhood in Maine

In the year 1900 a young lass is seen arriving in Dixfield, Maine. She sits straight upon the wagon seat black curls escaping from under her white bonnet tied beneath her chin. A high white button shoe can be seen as she steps from the wagon. She reaches for two worn leather suit cases, she tethers her horse to the cement post beside the hotel then disappears behind the large doors of the hotel. A young man sitting across the street always with an eye for a pretty girl watches this lass as she steps from the wagon. He catches a glimpse of a slim white ankle as she steps to the ground. So begins the true story from the rugged beginning through the 1930's. It will bring back memory's long forgotten. You will laugh you will cry as you read this true story. Old fashion Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hurricanes, floods, murders and my life at Aunt Susy's Boarding House. Happy to come home from school today to see my baby brother, mama reading by the fire, grandpa smoking his pipe. Maybe Grammy has made one of her chocolate cakes with butter frosting. I eagerly open the door to see every one crying. My world changed forever that day, Dale's world changed forever and my mother's world changed forever! Our world would never again be the same!


Book Excerpt

leather suit cases then disappears through the doors of the hotel. A young man sitting across the street watches as this young lass steps from her wagon.Always with an eye for a pretty young lady he hopes to see more of this young lass.


About the Author

Joy Swan

The state of Maine is my home. I live in the mountains on a beautiful lake. In the early morning just as the sun has risen- I sit in my white wicker rocker in my blue sun room, my Rag Doll cat stretched out on my wicker lounge. Wifts of fresh mountain air come through my open window, the still quiet water promise a quiet mind to start the day. I have three wonderful children-each one is kind and thoughtful. I have learned that getting old means you can get away with a lot of things and be forgiven for them as you get old. I can now break wind in public and keep right on walking without a hitch. The lady behind me keeps right on walking without a hitch also- she thinks: that lady is old she doesn't know any better. She doesn't know how much knowledge I have gained after living eighty four years and learning something new every day! Enjoy your book.