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Have you been told by employees of a textbook company that...

...our planet celebrated its 6,000th birthday in October of 1994? ...the Crusades were Holy Wars caused by religious disagreement? ...European settlers in America believed they were fulfilling an order from God to populate the land from sea to shining sea? ...Allah has a habit of turning Jews into pigs and apes? ...Transcendental Meditation allows people to leave behind their earthly bodies so they can live in another form in another place? ...God is an author who wrote three different books and handed them out to three different cultures? ...the Emperor Constantine had a dream of a flaming cross in the sky? ...Muhammad received bare-handed open-heart surgery from two strangers in the desert carrying a golden basin of snow? ...Menachem Schneerson was the Messiah? ...calling yourself “spiritual but not religious” accomplishes much of anything? ...your religion is the real one? If you believe any of these things, maybe you should get the story from someone who isn’t afraid of getting fired.


About the Author

Thomas Dugan

Tom Dugan is from New Jersey, though he has spent the last few years traveling. He has a BA in Creative Writing from Carnegie-Mellon University. He is one of the very few people in the world who have been to all three of Charles Darwin’s homes. An Atheist History of Religion is his first book. He intends to continue writing books demonstrating that evidence of evolution is all around us.



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