A Surgeon's Universe: Volume 1

by Andrew S. Olearchyk, MD


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"A Surgeon’s Universe" by Andrew S. Olearchyk, MD, is unique because it is composed in the form intermediate between encyclopedia, memoirs, medicine and documented reportage...honest, wise, intelligent, professional...This produces an optimal balance and beams on the very attractive personality of the author devoted to the truth, meticulous, humane and professionally dexterous. The author and his family team are looking out and talking with a reader from every page... (Evgenii V. Kolesov, MD). The 1st volume's time period stretches from antiquity to the 3rd quarter of the 20th century, depicts the most important events of mankind that are the beginning of writing, the domestication of the horse, Christianization, laying out the heliocentric system of the creation of the Solar system and the Universe, discovery of America, the circumnavigation of the Earth, the development of modern transportation, the fission of the atomic nucleus, World War (WW) I and II, and on the personal level, the author's childhood, maturity and the beginning of studies of medicine. The 2nd volume encompasses the 3rd and the 4th quarters of the 20th century, marked by the development of modern medicine and the beginning of space exploration, culminating in man's landing on the Moon, the author's graduation from the medical university, postgraduate internship, specialization / residency and practice in anesthesia, general surgery and TCVS. The 3rd volume depicts the events of the last quarter of the 20th century, illuminates the development of noninvasive and robotic surgery, deep space exploration, continuation of the practice in TCVS, the emergence of Independent Ukraine (1991) after 335 years of the Russian yoke. The 4th volume describes events of the first quarter of the 21th century when we witnessed further improvement in noninvasive and hybrid TCVS, progress in exploration of the deep space. The undeclared hybrid war by Communist-Nazi Russian Federation (RF) against Ukraine in 2014-15 included invasion and annexation of Ukraine's Crimea, the Russian-Ukrainian War in eastern Ukraine in order to grasp more territories. Thus Communist-Nazi RF, like Nazi Germany in 1938-42 broke the existing international laws and treaties.


About the Author

Andrew S. Olearchyk, MD

Andrew Olearchyk, MD, Diplomate of the ABS (1976-87) and the ABTS (1983-2023), FACS (1984-), Honorary Member of the ACVS of Ukraine (1996-)

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