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Annie Winston and her brothers have been surrounded by wealth and prestige all their lives. But, as their mother says, “They don’t know how to dream.” When she dies, their father seizes upon an opportunity to uproot the family and moves them to farm in the Mississippi Valley near Dubuque, Iowa, a place that is unlike anything they had ever imagined.

This family saga is written against the backdrop of the global turmoil of the last three years of the Vietnam War, 1970 to 1973, causing this family to grapple with changing ideas and conflicting attitudes. They live, they work, they love, and they cry while learning the meaning of perseverance and loyalty and gaining a greater understanding of self-worth and decency. Like Annie says, “We have each planted a piece of ourselves in this place and the roots have grown much deeper that any of us expected.”


About the Author

Sharon Traner

Sharon is a wife, mother of eight, grandmother, and nurse who lives with her family in Milwaukee. However, she grew up on a farm in Iowa where her parents instilled in her the love of God and family and a reverence for the land, values which are central themes in her novel.

She and her husband, Mark, lived in Dubuque in the 1970’s and fell in love with the splendor and beauty of the upper Mississippi Valley. She wanted to write a novel which not only captures the power and majesty of the area but also depicts a chaotic time in American history when families struggled to deal with heartbreaking events while questioning long established beliefs.She hopes you enjoy her efforts.

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