As The Heart Blooms

by Nicole Yvette Quarles-Martinez


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Undeniably gratifying flirtation of the heart, mind, soul, and spirit. Open up to fall in love!

A sparkling compilation of insightful, breathtaking, thought provoking, sensational and inspiring poetry that adopts psychological mechanisms of healing through creative expression and spoken word. Nicole Martinez chooses to penetrate issues relating to love, relationships, faith, betrayal, self-esteem, infidelity, humor, hope, denial, loss, adventure, addiction, passion, success, illness, family, salvation, entertainment, birth, culture, depression, eliminating ineffective behaviors from your daily diet, and commitment. Martinez illuminates a delicious charm with the experience of life, love, acceptance, and the pursuit of happiness. As the Heart Blooms is a rich and intimate portrait of love that takes a telescopic snapshot of the heart’s core and where it chooses to survive. It provokes self-examination, laughter, joy, and tears as the Author examines the gifts, miracles, reality, and obstacles of everyday situations, as well as the pleasures of life when it is infused with love. The read easily becomes a sit down breakthrough intervention without having to pay for a scheduled therapy session. Whether you are a preacher or teacher, a home-maker or a maid, a doctor or a lawyer, a model or an artist, a billionaire or a blue-collar worker, young or old, woman or man, each can easily relate to and identify with more than one voice that is captured so eloquently in this sensational absorbing page-turner of poetry. Martinez’s writing is stylish, graceful, intelligent, and comical. It becomes an elegant bouquet of beauty and wonder, a garden of delightful expressions that promotes strength, growth, and an awakening of the spirit. Get ready to fall in love all over again, or for the very first time as your heart blooms!


About the Author

Nicole Yvette Quarles-Martinez

About the Author: Nicole Yvette Quarles-Martinez has been writing poetry since the early age of 11. Martinez is a graduate of Hollins University, where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in the field of Clinical Psychology. Her educational background has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics that she includes in her book. Martinez is currently a Clinical Therapist. She is also a model, accomplished classical pianist, guitarist, and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. She is a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for her outstanding accomplishments. Martinez has received the Key to the City for her participation and successful achievements in pageants, as well as her success in modeling throughout the years. The week of July 25-31 has been proclaimed “Nicole Yvette Quarles Week” in honor of her gifts, talents, and abilities. Martinez is a native of Roanoke, Virginia. If you would like to connect with the Author, send an email to:

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