Ascended Masters Speak

A Self-Help Reference

by Renee M. Krushel


Book Details

Raise your consciousness with this unique spiritual self-help reference book.

This is not your ordinary self-help book written by someone who assumes that she can teach you something that she has learned from others. Ascended Masters Speak is a compendium of lessons given to mystic Renee Krushel by ascended masters and written as they were transmitted, word-for-word. Ascended masters are beings who have learned all there is to learn on earth and are speaking from a higher or more enlightened level of reality. Ms. Krushel was directed to write Ascended Masters Speak to share the spiritual guidance she has been receiving for over forty-four years from masters: Ramana Maharshi, Jesus, Koot Hoomi and others. Renee is not a trance medium; she is always awake and aware of what is being communicated. Ascended Masters Speak contains: spiritual lessons transmitted to Renee on 187 topics, some mystical experiences and many quotations on each subject. The topics are listed alphabetically for easy access. Some subject headings have more entries than others.


About the Author

Renee M. Krushel

Renee M. Krushel is a retired teacher with a B.A. and an M.S. from Hunter College in New York City. She lives in Pasadena, California. Her book, The Spiritual Evolution of a Mystic was published in 2010. Check her on facebook.