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1870-1898: The World is Changing and people have to adapt to the changes.

With North America more stable Tony, Jan, Dixie and Mike seek new adventures in Europe, the Caribbean and South America. Old Empires have fallen in Mexico and France but new ones have risen in Germany and Brazil while Venezuela and Colombia extend their control over the Amazon Regions of their countries.


About the Author

J. A. M. Nolla

J.A.M. Nolla is a retired Colonel of the US Army who has written 12 books in English of which four are in the process of being published and has six books written and published in Spanish that includes "Cielos Grises", "Soldados Pony Grises", "Casacas Verdes, Rojas y Azules", "Aires Teutonicos", "Puesta del Sol" and "El Caballero Verde de Espa

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