Letters to Erik

The Ghost's Love Story

by An Wallace


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Christine de Chagny is still haunted.

When the Opera Ghost sent Christine away to marry his rival, the youthful and winsome Vicomte Raoul de Chagny, she promised the Ghost that she would return to bury him when he died. Unable to keep her word and tormented by grief and regret, she starts writing letters to the man she believes to be dead--only to discover that some Ghosts can never be laid to rest.

Picking up where Gaston Leroux's novel ended, Letters to Erik is a story of forgiveness, redemption, and steadfast love.


Book Excerpt

Dear Erik,

I am writing this from my hotel room in Copenhagen. Mamma Valérius, Raoul, and I were able to catch the last train heading north, and plan to be back in my beloved homeland very soon. It will be good to breathe the air, see the mountains, and speak my own language again.

Raoul and I are planning to be married in a small church in my hometown. I almost wish you could be there—but it would be cruel of me to wish that upon you, wouldn’t it? All the same, it will be one of the happiest days of my life, and I do wish it were possible to share it with the people who have been dearest to me.

Yes, Erik, you are one of them. I only wish I could have told you while you were still alive, that you changed my life. It was your touch upon me that gave me any greatness whatsoever. Without you, I would have been nothing. Your death has left a giant hole in my heart that nothing else seems to fill, no matter how hard I try.

My dearest Erik, why did you not keep your promise to me? I read your death-notice in l’Epoche, but when I went back to your house I found only the Persian, who informed me he had already taken care of your body. I would have been honored to do that for you, Erik—why didn’t you make him wait for me?

Listen to my foolishness, asking a dead man why he didn’t make the living do one thing or another! Still, it was a disappointment. I do appreciate that he gave me back your ring to keep, though. It gives me something tangible to remember you by, for when my voice fades into insignificance.

I’ve tried to hide my grief from Raoul. He never understood what you and I shared; even though it wasn’t what you wished it could be, it was still far more than I ever hoped for or deserved.

Rest in peace, my friend.

With love,

Your Christine


About the Author

An Wallace

An Wallace has loved the story of The Phantom of the Opera ever since she stole her brother's copy as a teenager and read the whole thing in one night. While living in Europe she visited le Palais Garnier, where Leroux's novel was set. She has descended the grand staircase, fogged up the window of Box Five, and even sung "Faust" in the Opera (when no one was around). Letters to Erik is her first novel; her second, a Victorian-era romance, is already underway. She lives in New England with her husband, son, and two silly budgies.