And There I Was Volume VIII

A Backpacking Adventure In Ethiopia

by DH Koester


Book Details

The Ark and the Iskista

The eight journey of nine in the And There I Was series—Ethiopia, cradle of all mankind—took place in 2004. Come along and recount the incredible history of a country older than time itself—a country of orphaned children steeped in Christianity. Trek the Simiens, a geological creation that surpasses even the imagination of God, where the lion-like baboon presides. Travel to an island monastery on Lake Tana where the Arc of the Covenant once resided and hold council with a priest who has spent his entire life studying the origins and meaning of Christianity—a man perhaps more knowledgeable than any other who serves as custodian of an underground vault of parchment texts predating Christ. Witness local women performing the world’s most seductive dance, the Iskista, and see incredible churches hewn out of the earth’s bedrock in Lalibela, the Jerusalem of Africa. Meet the children of Ethiopia and have them guide you by the hand to the headwaters of the Nile. Share sugar cane and song with the raincloud Dorze people and roam the shores and waters of Lake Chomo amongst the largest crocodiles in the world. Chew “qat,” sample “tej” or honey wine, the nectar of the Gods and gorge on “injera” made from the national grain, “teff.”


About the Author

DH Koester

At one time or another, David Koester has been a farmhand, aerospace engineer, atomic physicist, vagabond, materials engineer, migrant worker, professional photographer, soils technician, foundry worker, manufacturing engineer, artist, restaurateur, furniture maker, department store janitor, door-to-door fire alarm salesman, land surveyor, cannery worker, writer and hobo. He holds degrees in both Physics and Mathematics and though a citizen of the United States, spent seven years in the Canadian North. An avowed Buddhist, proud Socialist and self-described terrorist for peace, over the past twenty-five years he has traveled through more than two dozen countries on four continents. He currently resides in Alameda, California, with his cat, Maya.

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