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An Insight into the Mind of Humanity

As the first book of poetry by Andrew J. Buckner, The Human Condition portrays the thoughts and emotions experienced by both today's political agendas and the current state of chaos in which we all live. The human condition is both a cry of freedom and an emotionally exuberant examination of the pain that rises internally. Through both turmoil and triumph, Mr. Buckner, lays the ground for both the "Social Condition", the problems of our current political state, as well as the "Individual Condition", a brutally honest foray into the turbulent past and shadowy future of his own life.


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Andrew Buckner

Andrew Buckner is a student of the human condition. At twenty four years of age, with these poems written from ages ranging from seventeen to twenty two, he has experienced more than most experience in a lifetime. This, his first volume of collected poems, is his thoughts on the world as he sees it. Mr. Buckner graduated from Mineral Ridge High School in 2002 and since than has been in a few films and accumulated a large amount of written work ranging from books of poetry, to plays, screenplays and film reviews. Mr. Buckner lives with his wife, Valerie, in Ohio.



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