A Holy War Within The Seven Day Protocol

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by Wayne Humphries Jr.


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A Holy War Within The Seven Day Protocol is a remarkable masterpiece of formulated character with idea, humor, mystery, and drama, making a portal for economic trends to discover what it may bring to achieve the goal of winning ethics.

Unruly characters from an unknown kind participate in the art of life and death by doing normal and abnormal things to survive responsibility; through the 24 hour course of seven days; Pictator the Emperor discovers that his involvement with recording issues creates an epic of curiosity and confusion for those who didn’t realize a greater means of behavior during the leisure traits of reality, every step forward could lead into a good or bad situation as the record company prepares for a concert in the State of Michigan.


About the Author

Wayne Humphries Jr.

Author; Wayne Humphries Jr. was born in Michigan, from there he graduated high school and went straight to college having a talent for music and business. " A Holy War Within The Seven Day Protocol;" www.hmrrecordinggroup.com I'm a Entrepreneur, a person who organizes and operate a business or businesses, taking on the greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. I was born in Detroit Michigan graduating from a public high school then participating in a post-secondary study to get too this point in life itself, graduating is just a process to being in a everyday position it wasn't simple; there were rules to follow. What I bring to you is an opportunity to become financial secure, satisfied, and entertained by the moments you may encounter by reading just a little bit or when you have some time to get paid; every lesson in life itself has a meaning for all of us to experience. Here at the recording group I put together a soundtrack for the novel; to make my book more appealing for your attention, it's a new form of music, I created it myself thinking a rhyme to it. Yes; I'm an independent recording artist as well, music production is one of my favorite hobbies developing bits of sound into a orchestra of soothing musical notes creating an atmosphere for your pleasure. I think reading is fundamental exploring the brain seeing the imagination it takes to be time consuming for a heart of curiosity; it's like asking a question that you don't have a clue about, I have more answer's though. What is your current life situation are you doing well where you can enjoy the reality of choice or are you troubled somehow hoping for a savior to come down and cure your needs for living ? I understand because I've been thru the good and the bad; the only answer is yourself as a person making the right decisions to make things better you'll find rejoicing, and the last chaotic moments being moved over to the next; there has to be a reason, have faith dear reader my bio has just begun.



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