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Imagine what would happen if time became mixed up!

Turtle is desperate for a holiday. He has been holding the world’s timepiece, a clock, on his back for so long that it is now stuck to his shell. His friend Frog agrees to carry the clock while Turtle is away on vacation. But Frog catches a terrible cold, and each time he sneezes, the clock jumps forward—causing utter chaos in People Land. Meanwhile, Professor Hare, whose job it is to keep the clock running smoothly, races to find a cure for Frog’s cold, but can he set things right before Turtle returns? Find out in this delightfully illustrated story, where time has gone mad!


About the Author

John Mero

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: John Mero is a writer and storyteller who enjoys creating characters kids can identify with and a sense of excitement and action. A Holiday From Time was co-written by his wife Ros and two children, Bonnie and Cal.