Wolf Sirens

Forbidden: Discover the Legend

by Tina Smith


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The Mystical Bond, the Fatal Allure … of Hunter and Prey

The town of Shade has always been surrounded by myths, celebrated in an effigy of Artemis and the Wolf. Lila unwillingly moves to the quiet country town with a curfew and discovers a group of locals with luminescent eyes. She is warned by a mysterious local girl named Cresida to stay away, but as though drawn, despite the dire advice, she joins them and begins to date a member of the charismatic clan. Unbeknown to Lila she bares the sign they have all waited for. Cresida watches from afar, until Lila discovers they are werewolves, as one lunges for her throat, stopped suddenly by a bullet from Cresida’s gun. Shocked, Lila learns of their world and is fascinated to discover that Cresida is a Huntress and must die in honour, because she was bitten months before. Unexpectedly leader Samantha ousts Lila from their world. But undeterred, she decides to find a way back in, fuelled by desire. Her plans for attention are realized when Sky, Samantha’s mate, comes to her and the feelings she has tried painfully to disguise are reciprocated, as they fall desperately in love. Alpha Samantha is infuriated. In a fierce battle, Cresida and Sky save Lila just in time from Sam’s venomous bite. The passion Lila feels for Sky dooms her to make choices, which will go against destiny or destroy the creatures she loves. "Wolf Sirens lures you into a world of danger, excitement and divided loyalties. A terrific read!" – Beverley Eikli, author of A Little Deception


Book Excerpt

Youtube Video 'I’m really enjoying your story. It's very intriguing!’ ‘I'm really getting into the book and enjoying it very much!’ 'You have a terrific writing style. You have obviously done a significant amount planning and preparation in crafting your work. Your prose is nicely written with details that capture the reader. Right from the start your plot was very engaging.  You do a nice job of slowly making your way through the story with details and a certain voice that allows your reader to really interact with the characters (who are all round and very nicely developed). The greatest value in fiction, it seems to me, lies in what we can learn about our own lives when we take time to analyze someone else’s — even if that someone else is just a character in a story. Characterization is one of the most important elements of any successful story.  I always love it when I leave a story feeling like I know the characters.  This is true for your prose. So many authors rush through their stories without really developing them.  Not you. Your book read like a movie in my mind. You have crafted a quality piece of writing.'  - Outskirts Press


About the Author

Tina Smith

Tina Smith was born in the Bega Valley, on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. She currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia, with her cherished daughter and their cocker spaniel. She is an herbalist and a final year naturopathic student.

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