Who is El_Eva?

Stop and Smell the Roses - A Poetic Analysis of Our Breath

by F. Shane Brislawn


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Drop the shellacked meanings of your words and listen to yourself breathe…

Do you know where you’re from? Do you know who you are and where you’re going? Take a moment to step out of your reality and listen to your own breath…Decoding the Triangle! Who Is El_Eva? is about finding the ground right under your feet and discovering that the leaves and sticks and mud are your friends. It urges you to touch, see, and listen to your fellow humans—to connect with what and who surrounds you. This collection combines powerful wordplay and imagery for a unique reading experience, written by an up-and-coming voice in poetry.


Book Excerpt

The Ma_ and _MAN_ sounds. Listen: Ma_Tress and even Ma_Aster. The using of Ma_Aster's title to designate a honorable boy (called man) Master, Mister. Shows all these sounds were stolen lifted hi_jacked right from Her Mouth (Ma_outh). She must have had a great respect and talent the boys wish as theirs. Theory and/or mystery. Thy_Ory My_Ory or Miss_Ory. Thy_Talk or My_Talk, Miss_Talk?
Truth Thy_Oath Listen once again Thine_Oath.

Re_MaM_Ber Sigh_Hi_G_H

Sci, si, sigh, scythe, psy, auto_P_sy,

Scis_sor, the cutter.

Even Sybil,

And syllable.

Cy_Clops Sigh_Eye

Lay, lie, law

A line, a lie_ing, A lie_n,

A_lien, Alien, A lone,

allein (loner, lone wolf) German

A_lign, leer, learn,

We moan, groan, scream, grunt,

Laugh and cry

Breathe in breathe out, our breath

A continuous exchange of breath

And feeling. Unbroken breeze

You and I list to feel and respond.

Then our schools education

Divide our continuous breath into

Sy_lay_lables, divides the sounds

Into words, and declares a meaning

For you and I to feel.

Not the innate feelings exchange

That our breath gives

To Me and You.

Stop and smell the roses.

What rises under your nose?

Your breath.

What rises is risen is rose.

That is the rhyme,

One must listen to hear

Not the decoy rhyme

At the end of the line.

The poetry of voices

Listen to your breath.

Your voice speaks to you.

We will listen to the words

The sounds of the progression

lay lie law

The Lay, the Lie, and the Law.

Now we associate these words,

But all the clues

We tend to disregard.

Never has our

(Schools education)

Put these together

As a construction

In Our White English Language.

Lay is the lay of the land.

Lie is a description of the lay.

Law is when

This lie (description)

Of the lay of the land

Is written down.

Written in words,

Or drawn as a map

Thus is codified.

Codified is coded,

And hidden.

A problem arises

When people, places,

And things happening,

Are expected to conform

To this map,

To this code law,

Not the code

Conforming to the lay,

That is out there

For all to see,

Travel and experience,

Thence this law map

Becomes augury,

Is referenced

Instead of the actual

Lay of the land.

The map of law

Is sought to give answers

Instead of the actual

Lay of the land

Being consulted.

The map of law

Is sought

To give solutions

To the questions that

Are apparent and easy

A part

Of the lay of the land.


Has no place in the law.

Why has law

Become augury?

The map of law is given,

A degree of importance,

A degree of politeness,

A degree of acceptance,

A degree of respect

Beyond the

Actual lay of the land

There by negating

All our human insights

Of the land

The way things are.

F.Shane Brislawn


This poetry rises.

Listening to the voice

Of our breath.

This is not


This is not

Of the alphabet,

This is devoid

Of reason,

Not any way


Don’t try to

Connect the dots.

This has no dots.

Dot dot dot dot,

Duh duh duh duuhhhhhh.

Won’t lead you any where.

This has stepped

Out of meaning

The same way

We step

Out of our pants

Set them aside

When we come home.

This has no logic,


No end of demonstration.

Can’t get in to my garden

To earn your reward.

You lost your mind,

Lost your reason,

Have no reality,

Not fit for the Royalty,

Have not a bit of truth,

The elite don’t come here,

They are not electric,

Can’t generate power,

Can’t find their destiny,

Can’t forge ahead.

No nak-yak of the matrix,

Not a bit banger port.

Can’t find redemption

In a cloud of possibilities,

Not in any way general

Very singular.

No progress here

No solutions

Cause not mixed up.

Jump in to chaos

Cause chaos goes splash.

Was always here any ways

Just hid between your eyes

And under your nose,

Just smell your breath

It’s the sweetest rose.



Mary Jo

Queen Elizabeth


Aunt Alice

Elizabeth Brislawn

Grand Ma

Salome, Ma_Aliza

Eliza Doolittle

"Always" Hunt, Dreyfuss, Goodman UTube Rebirth, baptism

SHE is the Door, Dor is oak, the strongest,

Dorothy is Dorinda,

She is You and Me!

Even now the concept of the self dividing cell

Tosses the need of the little prick in to the gutter.

“Tad poles kissing tad poles" Augury!

Girls can and do have this dividing

Even replication abilities.

The augury of the egg fertilized by the

"Male” ”boy”

Some how magic and like a hammer or electric buzz!

Many accreditation and combinations of the DNA

Mixing genetic or electric information life

Starting displaying and fantastic.

In the shadows the boys logic being written on the wall

Long talked about by boys forces long forgotten.

The little prick mirrored by the big prick

Divisions of self now forgotten and more.

Selections infinite.

Girls need non such ever,

Ever more. Free from fears of Locked in..

Ma_ the Virgin, now unlocked.

(Her compression Chamber (womb) Her own)

Tesla on girls...

"Woman are the biggest piece

Of that energy

And thus the spiritual power."

Again Tesla "There is no energy in matter,

Other than that received by the environment"


"This thing is light"

"Interview with Tesla"

New case hint

Monolith Mono_like


Monolith, mono_like;

The One_like


The One is Mama_Like

Also a word on phase

Driven poetry


Analyze of Voting.

Breath, pre-language

The vote, Why do we vote?

We vote with our vow.

We vow to back him up.

He vows to help us on our way.

We vow_ted, We voted,

Same pattern as marriage.

Totally Augury.

We vow to him,(marry him)

He vows to us. (marries us)

We are She and by transference of vows

We are married now.

But what did we vow?

A ballet,

A word or world?

A breath or our blood.

A child our soul,

Our spirit, our mind.

Our flesh and flesh of our children,

Forever their blood and soul,

We sold our self and all.

We sold all our soul

All value of our children and property.

Now the Elite (EL_Eva_t_ed ones)

Has our name

Our number our blood,

Our children our spirit,

Our life in war,

Our life in peace, flesh and blood.

All this he can take

To other grand Masters

Of finance and politics

And law and land owners

And trade and buy money, influence

Of war and peace,

Our life and death blood

Borrowed against to

A million times its face value

He owns and receives

He can trade for whatever.

With no concern

for you and I, now SHE.

You and I vowed our blood.

Blood sacrifice,

Blood on fire,

Burnt offering

To that one

That One_ly-Only, One Like

This time of blood sacrifice.

To offer Our self

You and I as She to be consumed

Burnt as payment to Him elected

EL_Eva_ted to president.

The Patsy The scapegoat. .

Did one or two

Words from God

Leave You and I breathless?

She is energy.

Received from all she does

As she listens


Walks talks

Touches collects

And even eats,

Takes in with her eyes

Fingers tongue and nose

Smells of life and mineral.

Here is the situation

Concerning atomic energy and hydro electric generators.

The difference between seeing it

For your self and listening to another explain it all.

The future will never understand why we did such.

Atomic energy compared and joined

with water dammed up rivers,

All the false construction

Of the atomic Energy plants

And the Hydro-Electric Electric generators.

Atomic Energy is proven

By the photo Electric sun panels

And that extent of atomic energy

We personally know.

The so called atomic

Radiation to boil water

Is nonsense.

That is using boiling water to

generate Electric. So we know it is real,

But our mother can do that at home.

Yes the hydro electric generator dam

Uses a electric generator

To generate electricity.

By the damed water

Turning the power generator.

Yet we know water is electricity as we observe

Watching falling water (rain pour)

Accumulating electricity as it falls

As rain as water as wetness

During any rain storm.

Brings down high amps, high voltage high frequency

Compounded with a bonded magnetic pulses

As we see

The same as atomic energy

Boiling water to produce Electric current.

WE now know there is some way to produce

Electric in highest power just by

Falling water,

Cause it happens every day all around us.

Lighting storms never lie.

Only teachers tech teach.

Pure nonsense, tot to You.

Theory's of their dreams.

Never listen to this bunch.

See what you see and act on that..

Never the drama tales from Physics classes

Or any class.

The breeze, breath, bread, leaven,

Our Breath.

You and I have lost breath, are breathless, lost to languages that tempt us to meaning, numbers and all augury. The curriculum of schools known as Literature... If we was to transcribe your and my breath a system of scales, emotions, and choreography, a dance that occupies release of feelings, and the sounds of a complete grammar of more than just time, place location declensions and case. None of these I am. Not a song writer or choreographer nor grammarian. Here I take all thru the abilities to see the multiple cases of a single word. That in changes of case and declension tell us story, builds a picture. Rhyme our minds cannot see. Start breathing catch your breath, save the remnants of your and my breath. Breath widens and elucidates the declensions and cases of sound and feeligs. In this book of rhyming sounds Ideas aliened as filter, the sets lay lie law; and the picture informative that is encountered. Good better best, the body being the bad that was replaced by the good, at the times of the Norman invasion. Ma _MA_N_ M_A_N_HOR_
I don’t reveal this because it would take a whole book of rhyme to even start elucidation Ma’s form which I do give extensive clues for poets to see the total picture of her or she or Ma and girl, the Total MA_MA Hi_Jack cover-up, the boys have built to hide Her _Hour. Fiction Fic Fac faction and have it is clear that is a declension (case) From (of the same sound systems). Fiction or Fact.
We all may see and exclaim

The world of rebirth is a fiction, that wheel of rebirth doesn’t just happen in nature. We might agree that the AK—47 is a fiction that has be come fact , through Ma_Nu Fac_Tured “Made by Hand “
Starting back when a two year old

Has chased a pebble around by his stream of urine .Thence “shooting Pool” Through 4000 years following the shooting pool people through many forms. Sling shots, arrows, blow pipes, hollow tubes on and on to riffled barrel bows through many forms and diversity. It could take many books to describe these developments.
Also the wheel of rebirth is and was a fiction untold for many thousands years the perfect pattern of the soul being hazed back to its womb to be reborn regardless of any sex or perceived Easter or Santa Clause or scientific fairy-tale conception.
The AK 47 became Man¬u_Nu factured , a fiction became a fact through Ma_Nu-Fact_turing also the wheel of rebirth became a fact a reality though the 4000 years of hazing souls. Fiction became fact by Our (Her) Hands Fic from function fiction now fact. A process we do encounter and use to Ma_Ke things

“Treasure Island “ by Robert Louis Stevenson

18. Narrative Continued by the Doctor-

End of the First Day's Fighting

“Don’t you take on, sir," he said,

Shaking the squire's hand.

"All's well with him; no fear for a hand

that's been shot down in his duty

to captain and owner.

It mayn't be good divinity,

“But it's a fact."

"Prometheus" analysis UTube_ Bolero

"Who is EL_EVA" publish UTube_ Anouncement

Picture Thanks to Mary Joe.

Used With Her Permission.

Reality is the decoy. Get it?
Dice poker All clarity.
death of Our Hero.
Chess together with Ouija,
Deck of Torah.
books movies
And all diverse Revelations.
Not from Your and Mine eyes.

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F. Shane Brislawn

F. Shane Brislawn is a horse man, a trucker, and a poet. Born in Sundance, Wyoming near the Cayuse Ranch, he grew up riding the Red Fox Hills near the Devil’s Tower. After two years at Brigham Young University, in later years one semester of Ancient Hebrew at BYU. Brislawn went to work on his uncle’s alfalfa horse ranch near Vernal, Utah, and later he audited five years of Latin and Japanese through a school’s new satellite system. Later correspondence, one year of English and Latin at Liberty University. Who Is El_Eva? is his first published collection.
2001 retired from mff.

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Who is EL_Eva?