Voodoo or Voodon't?

The Amazing Experiences of a Novice

by Marie Bradley


Book Details

An Amazing Story of One Girl's Heartwarming Experiences with Voodoo



What does Voodoo mean to you? Are you one of the many people who cringe and back away at the mere mention of the word?
For years Hollywood has made a fortune on horror movies that consistently cast a dark light on Voodoo; portraying images of zombies, voodoo dolls and evil doers who excel at bending a person’s will. In reality, Voodoo is a religion that has been practiced in Haiti for hundreds of years, before eventually making its way to the United States. New Orleans Voodoo works on the principals of harnessing the forces of nature to work for you.
Wrapped within the pages of this book, is the amazing story of one girl's incredible endeavors and heartwarming experiences with Voodoo. You are about to embark on a mystical and amazing journey. It's an intriguing and delightful story that's bound to touch the heart of anyone who has ever been curious about Voodoo.
Would you ever consider experimenting with Voodoo? Read on and decide for yourself.

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Book Excerpt

Alexandra had known Eric for almost fifteen years and they had bonded as close friends during that time. Much to her surprise, one day, Eric said he would really like to be able to take her out for dinner or to the movies sometime. It came as quite a shock to her because they had been just friends for such a long time that she saw him more as a brother. She had never considered taking their relationship to the next level; still, she knew she really enjoyed his company and, after thinking it over, told him she would really like that.

As time went on, Alexandra began to have very strong, loving feelings for Eric but, as is often the case, changing from friends to lovers definitely had its negative aspects. A new and different set of expectations put a strain on what was once a beautiful friendship. Alexandra wanted to be with Eric more than Eric was ready to commit to, at least to himself.

As she surfed the web, she found articles on why men won’t commit and how to mend an ailing relationship but she had already read of and tried these things on Eric time and time again, all to no avail. After about three weeks of searching, she randomly came upon a Voodoo website which quickly caught her interest….

..........she had finished all three spell kits and was anxiously anticipating the many wonders of the “New Eric”. This was going to be so wonderful. She couldn’t wait to see him, talk to him, hold him and savor the improved relationship she just knew they would now share……

Suffice it to say that because of her deep, pure love for Eric and through her relentless faith, patience and determination Alexandra was led on a magical journey; a journey with results that will certainly warm even the most doubtful heart.



About the Author

Marie Bradley

Marie Bradley is a student of the human condition; ever curious, ever open to new spiritual beginnings and experiences. Her vivid imagination, relentless thirst for knowledge and uncanny ability to put her findings into words are what entice and captivate the reader from the very start. The pages of this book serve as a canvas on which Marie paints an incredibly intriguing mental picture. Her mastery of words succinctly takes the reader on an unbelievably exciting journey; a journey that's bound to spark curiosity and elicit a rollercoaster of emotions beyond compare.

For almost four years Marie absorbed herself in learning about the Voodoo Religion. She went on to use the techniques she studied to send only the most loving and drawing messages to her heart's desire. Results were gradual but through her knowledge, perseverance and deep faith, she achieved her ultimate goal. Her purpose in writing this book was to educate and help others who might be on shaky grounds with their relationships.

Voodoo or Voodon't? is the second in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the follow-up. Click Here for HELP WITH YOUR MANUSCRIPT


Hi Marie:
I just wanted to say that i ordered and received your book Voodoo or Voodont last Friday and I can't set it down...í've been up until nearly 3am reading and have to stop myself so i could get some sleep - already half way through the book! It's definitely giving me hope for my situation. Thanks for allowing me to share your journey.
Hi Marie,
Wow, I have read so far the first 52pgs and I'm starting Chapte 5 soon, Marie, I'm so impressed with you - when I open your book, hold it in my hands, I feel relieved, safe and happy. I like the name "Alexandra".

Thanks for sharing. have to say that I feel a friendship with you now as I shared and cried so much with you and for you throughout the book, and totally- it has changed my….
Did you have a previous book?
I am going to re-read this one in a couple of weeks..... I loved it! Thank you in so many ways- you really helped me.

Hey, sweetie-
Got your book and read it! (in between readings today - couldn't put it down!)
Thank you so much for your dedication to us and for all the things you wrote. It was a WONDERFUL book! I am recommending it to a lot of clients that have a hard time keeping on keeping on.......

I am proud of you!

Love you-
Mary Lee Stein
On Line Psychic

I just wanted to let you know that I just started your book last night. It is really good. I hope the end tells me what happens!
It was an awesome book and it has helped ME in my spellwork as well-
You are a phenomenal author and beautiful person!


Congratulations on your book and thank you for writing it. It has
been a great source of comfort for me. I'm going to finish it today. I can't wait for the next one to come out!

Wasn' t that book terrific- I read it twice for motivation.. ...... actually couldn't put it down the first time around/">
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Voodoo or Voodon't? is the story of one girl's incredible endeavors and heartwarming experiences with Voodoo. <br><br><div align=

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