Traditional Christmas Tea

by Sharyn McIntyre


Book Details

A Heartwarming and Inspiriing Christmas Holiday Story!

Annie O'Neil is an elderly woman who just celebrated her 90th birthday. She finds herself all alone on Christmas Eve because of a powerful winter storm.
She spends the evening reminiscing about Christmas Past, days-gone-by, and a cherished traditional Christmas Tea Party that she shared with her grandmother while growing up.
When she falls asleep by the Christmas tree, she is miraculously transported back to her grandmother's kitchen of long ago, and to the most amazing Christmas tea party of her life!
Traditional Christmas Tea is a heartwarming holiday story that will touch the deepest part of your heart and bring Christmas past to the present with cherished moments, precious memories, special gifts and wonderful surprises.


Book Excerpt

As she busied herself washing the cookie and cake pans in the sink, she enjoyed peering out through the misty window panes, deeply dipped in the memories of "Christmas Past" that felt so close and seemed so real on this lonely white Christmas Eve.
She whispered a little prayer as she stared out into the snowy night,
" My Dear Grammy Ruth--
As I busy myself with all the familiar, traditional Christmas Eve chores, here in the midst of the details of my life-- you still remain in all my special moments-- in the whisper of a soulful prayer as I close my eyes and drift off to sleep at night--as I walk out on the porch in the earliest moments of the newly risen sun--as I gaze up into the pastel colors of the morning sky to welcome a new day--you are still there with me--as I peek out the windows to a beautiful snowfall on this Christmas Eve night, I throw out another I LOVE YOU, Grammy Ruth--into the great big universe and hope that in the midst of your own new, busy life of heavenly can still hear it!"


About the Author

Sharyn McIntyre

Sharyn McIntyre is a lover of Christmas holiday tradition, wielding the written craft to enrapture the mind much like an artist wields a brush, painting a lovely portrait of cherished memories, time-honored traditions and heart felt sentiments. Traditional Christmas Tea is the first in a series of holiday stories bringing special, heartwarming gifts to the reader.

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