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Witness true tales of country club looping at its best…and worst…and most hilarious.

“Through The Eyes Of A Caddy” is as much about the joy of looping as it is about the shenanigans that took place at a rare, but real golf club. Based on true stories from the historic Elmhurst Country Club, with its warm and engaging membership, the chapters provide gut wrenching laughter, stunning twists and turns with introductions to characters that will both shock you and touch your heart. When the longtime owner passed, the members knew far too well that the days at their favorite private golf course were winding down; the time was simply running out. The same course that Ben Hogan won the 1941 Chicago Open will be referred to on these pages as “Clockhurst Country Club,” instead of Elmhurst Country Club, because like a clock, time was winding down. While jumping into this story with both feet you will find any number of episodes that seem out of place in a traditional book about golf; police squad cars showing up with officers the size of linebackers; carts getting stuck in places they simply don’t belong; discussions about pregnancy; and objects striking golfers that completely change a match. All the more reason to love turning the pages and seeing for yourself that at Clockhurst no days were normal. You will laugh and wince and you may even see a bit of yourself in some of the outrageous exploits. But I promise you this, man or woman, you will wish you were there!


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Randy Cochran

Back cover HB Text. “Randy Cochran is both an outstanding teacher and student of the mysterious game of golf. All the more so because he’s a keen observer of the myriad of personalities and characters that make up the game. While many of us think that golf is Nicklaus, Palmer, the Masters, and the National Open, Randy reminds us that the true essence is found at the thousands of local courses where millions of us hack, slice, cuss, and chili-dip to the silent delight of the most overlooked and underrated element of the game — the caddie.” Shelby Yastrow Former lawyer, retired executive, and frustrated golfer ``If you love golf, you’ll love this warm and nostalgic tribute to the All-American country club, and you’ll recognize the people who populate it. Randy has a gift for revealing character and telling stories with a twist. It’s a great read.’’ Herb Gould Chicago Sun Times

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