A WWII Story of Tragedy and Survival off the West of Ireland

by Thomas L. Walsh



A WWII Story of Tragedy and Survival off the West of Ireland

by Thomas L. Walsh

Published Nov 24, 2008
178 Pages
Genre: HISTORY / Military / Aviation


Book Details

A tragic wartime incident, revisited forty years later.

Damnyankee is the compelling story of a World War II U.S. Navy submarine patrol bomber which ditched off the west coast of Ireland in 1944 in a seething North Atlantic storm.

Four decades later an American arrived in Clifden, County Galway, claiming to have been a crew member on that aircraft lost at sea, and striving to somehow reconstruct this tragedy. With the help of a sergeant in the Garda, an Irish schoolboy, and an aging Irish maiden lady, the former bow gunner was able to reconstruct the incident. In the process, he found a way to honor those who lost their lives in the storm-lashed sea that tragic night.

The author’s familiarity with Ireland and all things Irish adds additional perspective to the book. From a beginning in Norfolk, Virginia to a partial salvation at the tiny village of Ailleabreach along the Galway coast, this book has something for both WWII aviation buffs as well as those hopelessly in love with the West of Ireland.


Book Excerpt

Trudeau struggled mightily with the bucking yoke as the aircraft began to lose stability, headway, and altitude. 'Damnyankee' was now ten feet off the water with only 82 knots airspeed. "Now!" He yelled to no one in particular, as he shoved both throttle levers forward, pulling back on the yoke simultaneously. The combination of both increased power and pitch brought the 'Damnyankee's' nose up. Trudeau felt the tail dip into the sea, easily slowing the craft. A split-second later the fuselage and nose plowed into the sea with a terrific bang. He would recall later that it felt exactly like "riding an eggshell into a concrete wall."


About the Author

Thomas L. Walsh

Thomas L. Walsh graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Communications/Journalism degree in 1962. Following a successful thirty-six year business career, he retired to Idaho’s Teton Valley in 1999, where he works as a free-lance writer.

Walsh and his wife Wynne Ann both teach Alpine skiing at Wyoming’s Grand Targhee Ski Resort in the winter. Damnyankee is his first book.

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