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When Chasing a Dream Leads Deeper Within

Picking up where Searching for Paradise left off, Mike Hogan, Decky Brady, and Luke Coppens at first find themselves in London, still chasing and believing their Hollywood dreams of working in the music video business. After only a few days into the trip, the friends quickly abandon their efforts and put new plans into place. However, their individual desires cause the three to eventually separate from each other. On his own developing journey and through encounters with other travelers and new friends, Mike Hogan experiences the love of finding oneself again. With vivid imagery, poetry and references to great songs throughout, The Sojourners stands on its own as a complete work, with colorful characters and simple people who resonate with the beauty of life. This inspiring, reflective novel shows the importance of ultimate belief in ourselves, and the realization that despite our differences, deep down inside, we all share a common good.


About the Author

T.L. Hughes

T.L. Hughes was born in Salem, Massachusetts, and at a young age moved to Lowell, Massachusetts where he grew up, attending the local public schools through high school. After graduating from the University of Massachusetts in 1980, he headed west to California. Today, he lives in Orange County with his wife and family.

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