The Pearls of Love

Poems and Stories from the Land of the Nod

by Dr. John (Satchmo) Mannan


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Those who love. Those who have loved. Those who will love and for all who dare to dream of love.

The poems in this book were born on nights when the eyes of my beloved were like songs, and the perfume of our love pursued the midnight air.

When the rising sun embraced the moon and our love did not disappear, we discovered that our kisses had become stories and stars in the Land of Nod.

Nod is where music retires after it is played, and where night calls a moment of its passing a day.

Here, dreams recline on chaises waiting to whisper their tales into the hearts of readers and nightingales.


About the Author

Dr. John (Satchmo) Mannan

John “Satchmo” Mannan is the nom de plume or nom de guerre, if you will, of Dr. Mujib Mannan retired Professor of the American Experience law, literature and history at the College of New Rochelle, University of the Virgin Islands and other university venues for nearly 30 years. The author is an educator, lawyer, historian, poet, short storyteller, essayist, jazz musician, marketing consultant and executive director of an affordable housing initiative in Harlem. Born in Harlem, the author has written several books, including Cultural Imperialism, The History of the Harlem Mosque, The Legend of Lute, Tales of the Nightingale, The Arabic Words in the English Language. etc. His poetry is in several anthologies, but under an earlier nom de plume John McRae, including Ghetto 68, We Be Word Sorcerers, Three Hundred Sixty Degrees of Blackness, etc. and on other venues such as the African Sun Times, Living City, The Thinker. under the name Mujib Mannan. His peace Haiku have been chosen for inclusion in the city of Philadelphia “Peace Project” and his Jazz C.D. “Ten O’clock Jazz” was released December 2014 by New Savoy Records. Mr. Mannan as a person is interested in the entire 360 degrees of life beyond his doctorate and graduate degrees in jurisprudence, history, etc. In 2018, he was an International Jazz Day Awardee for his contribution to jazz and during the same year he was a featured performing artist at Carnegie Hall’s “A Gathering of Eagles “ In 2016, Aladdin Books International published his collection of short stories called: Mubassa’s Dream and 18 Legends From The Land Of Nod. This book geared for all ages (8to 98) was a tonic for the human imagination while it tackled moral and sociopolitical issues while using myth and allegorical tool of a bedtime story., The within book : THE PEARLS OF LOVE AND 7 MORE LEGEND FROM THE LAND OF NOD was written during the world Covid 19 pandemic. It a book poems and short stories about the passions dimensions, importance, and majesty of love in our human lives. “ From passion to compassion to rhapsody, life begins with love” Mannan says “and we hope that it ends with a testimony of angels that we have loved correctly. .That we have loved mercy and justice and wives and children(all children) and life and learning and positive community development “Life” he continues poses its ultimate, truth and paradoxes in the form of questions that cause the reader to think and ultimately confess the true beauty and wonder of the creation and the human spirit But ultimately are lives are weighed on the scale of what and whom we have loved or failed to love and how we have loved.” . This discovery and awareness of the divine in the act of loving is the beginning ofa wisdom that assist the individual and social man on the journey toward felicity. dignity and distinction. The author’s many interests and skills have enriched his human experience and the lives of those around him.