The Adventures of Marvin Pickering in: The Miracle at Weston Falls

by Written and Illustrated by: Karl J Van Loo


Book Details

A Boy’s Unexpected Journey to War-Torn Viet Nam…

Things aren’t easy right now for Marvin Pickering. He’s twelve years old, just beginning to really discover who he is…and he’s realizing that his feelings for his childhood friend, Ellen Peterson, are deeper and more complex than he knew. He could really use the guidance and understanding of his beloved father, Jay, but he’s serving his country in Viet Nam. When Marvin and his mother get the news that Jay is missing in action, the foundation of Marvin’s world is shattered. Instead of turning to family and friends, he runs away to his favorite retreat, the Big Woods. There, imaginative Marvin will have the adventure of a lifetime, as he meets his guardian angel, John, who takes him to see his father. Marvin will learn a valuable lesson about faith and trust, while those back home are left to look for him…with unexpected consequences that will teach Marvin even more about what’s really important. A vivid snapshot of a turning point in American history, a thrilling adventure, and a tender story about different kinds of love, The Adventures of Marvin Pickering: The Miracle at Weston Falls is a book with a positive message for young adult readers.


About the Author

Written and Illustrated by: Karl J Van Loo

Karl van Loo, husband for 28 years, to his wonderful wife Deborah, and the father of 3 great children—Amy, Jonathan, and Tiffany. Has worked with children for 30 years as a school district custodian, and for 28 years as a Sunday school teacher. For Karl, the writing of children’s books is more than a fascinating pastime—it is a calling and a ministry.



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