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Students of the Ageless Wisdom brought together for dynamic group work in Twelve Formation. This is their story… A story of hope, frustration and achievement. This is the story of the Twelves Group and I was the Esoteric Apprentice. “The Esoteric Apprentice offers a fascinating look into the world of inner group work and meditation, the challenges involved with group cooperation and working in the subtle realms.” Phillip Lindsay, author ‘Unveiling Genesis’, ‘The Initiations of Krishnamurti’ etc. “The first thing that impressed me reading Steven’s account is that his experience is a confirmation of the ‘externalization’ process itself as well as certain predictions Master D.K. made regarding esoteric groups.” Patrick Chouinard, esotericist, teacher and author “A captivating personal recount of an occult experiment in group work consciously aligned with a group of Masters on the inner planes. Highly recommended” Stephane Chollet, CEO Surya World, teacher and esotericist