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Discover the Cosmic Order and Four Elements that Will Change Your Outlook on Everything

What really happens after we die? What are the mechanisms that give us birth? Do we really have a soul? What is it? Such questions have kept philosophers, religious leaders, and mystics busy for millennia. Now, the author and philosopher KhunShweThike sheds new light on these and other inquiries in The Cosmic Order of Reincarnation: Fearless Bible. In this breakthrough book, you’ll discover the surprising truth about reincarnation and how it works. While most explanations of this phenomena focus on the effect of past lives on the present, The Cosmic Order of Reincarnation powerfully argues that what befalls us in this life is completely unrelated to the past. And that revelation has important ramifications for how we live our lives. You’ll also learn:

•How other cultures share and differ in their understanding of death and rebirth

•The importance of the Five Laws of Cosmic Order

•The meaning of the Four Ultimate Realities and how it impacts your life

•Why certain tragedies and hardships affect us in this life, and what we can do to stop them from happening

•How such understanding and realization can and will contribute to increased peace and understanding the world over

The Cosmic Order of Reincarnation: Fearless Bible is perfect for anyone interested in philosophy, death, healing, or self-improvement.


Book Excerpt

Soon after the history of mankind gave the first performance of a crucial scene in a universal play, Man stepped onto the world stage, holding two identical twin vultures of fear and expectation. Man was deeply frightened in a whole-hearted manner by his unknown future of complete darkness where he definitely had to face beyond the graveyard. Besides that, he expected the illuminated dream of what he believed in, wishing for the dream that lied beyond. And as such, Man sank down into the giant whirl of fear and of expectation without any chance to resurface again.

Who fears and who expects? This is a major issue for all mankind. It is nothing but the soul. The soul is: the self, the vital life, the spirit and consciousness which are highly honored and exalted by the most common citizens of the world. The said soul and its existence is allegedly imbibed and believed to be traveling ceaselessly from this life to the next and then from that life to this life. When the Gautama dropped the invulnerable philosophers' stone of the theory of no soul into the scum-filled pond of the theory of soul, the scum did disperse during the period of forty five years. From the time of His final passing to the present day, the scum that is the danger of darkness of the soul theory can be obviously seen, recurring and suffusing incessantly. The theory of no soul emerged and flourished in Southeast Asia about 2600 years ago. Because of the emergence of this theory of no soul, the different religion practitioners, the sixty two prophets who believed in the theory of soul and walked on their own paths, shockingly dispersed in chaos. The theory of no soul that once flourished abundantly has become dim and dwindled today.

Now, the old time is back.

This book investigates neither the period that takes place before the cradle nor the period beyond the coffin. This book mainly reviews and examines only the present with practical elements between the cradle and the tomb. The author believes that there has not been a book or treatise on this field yet. The author will fill that vacancy with his accomplished work that explores the origin of the ancient philosophy of the Four Truths of Immortality, the theory of no soul and the law of cause and effect putting them in test in line with uniformity of nature and science.


About the Author

Khun Shwe Thike

KhunShweThike is an acclaimed author on philosophy and Buddhist theology. Originally from Burma, he participated in that country’s student uprising in 1988. When the army crushed the democracy movement, he fled Burma for Thailand, where he became a teacher. In 1993, he immigrated to the United States. KhunShweThike has written many novels and more than 50 articles. He lives in Washington, D.C.



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